Your Valentine Needs a Spa Day

Your Valentine Needs a Spa Day

Do you have a Sweetheart that is impossible to buy for? Maybe they have everything already or perhaps they use the “Teflon” defense to deflect your wish list requests. “Oh, I don’t need anything. Don’t worry about me”. Let me help you decode their messages. What they are really trying to tell you is they don’t want any more stuff. What they really crave is the little indulgent things they wouldn’t do for themselves. Like relax. A spa day just might be the answer.

In some cases, giving your special someone a spa gift card is all you need to do to nudge them toward nirvana. For others, you may need to do a little hand holding. Literally. The good news is, you get to accompany them to the spa and get pampered too. When has unselfishness ever been this much fun?!

If your honey happens to be frugal, look for non-resort spas which are usually about half the price. You know they are going to check out the prices on the spa menu, and it will be hard for them to maintain Zen breathing if they are hyperventilating from sticker shock. Don’t scrimp on the amenities, whatever you do. This day is all about the experience so make sure to choose a spa with a steam room, sauna, pool, whirlpool, robes, towels and lockers. At Spa Lamar, a local favorite, you can get a massage, facial or pedicure with all of the above for just $70.  Be sure to check out the HOT DEAL on their website for monthly featured specials.

Most spas are divided into his and hers areas so if your guest doesn’t happen to share your gender, look for a spa with co-ed amenities so you can soak, steam and swim together. Remember, this day is all about sharing a memorable experience and that is pretty hard to do if you are not together. For your Valentine venture, you may want to consider a couple’s massage and facial. These treatments are set in a romantic couple’s suite where each of you is pampered side by side so you never lose sight of one another.

If you have the time, you can customize your canoodle with other fun activities like a yoga class. Sharing a spa day with someone you love  makes it easier to try something new and will make some unforgettable memories. A stop in the salon for a manicure or blow dry before you leave is also a nice way to bond.

All of this relaxation can make you hungry so be sure to make sure the spa has sustenance available for you. A full service day spa should be able to offer you a generous spa lunch including a dessert and beverage for under $20. Some will even allow you to bring your own wine or champagne to better celebrate your special day and spa savings.

There are lots of spas to choose from but here are some tips to choose the one that is right for you:

  • Use Google terms that describe what you are looking for like “Scottsdale day spa best deal steam sauna pool whirlpool gift card” and watch to see which spas rise to the top of the list (hint: the ones in the shaded area at the top of the google search are advertisers who paid to come up first so skip those and look at the unshaded ones)
  • Once you find a spa that looks good, use a review site like to read reviews from people who have visited. Focus on the overall star rating, and don’t panic if you see one bad review. Everyone has an off day now and then but if 90% of the guests rave about the place, don’t let one Grumpy Guy sway you.
  • Take a tour. If the your research looks good but you want to make absolutely sure you know what you are getting, drop by the spa and ask for a tour. Spas love to show off their spaces and you will feel 100% comfortable knowing you did your homework. As a bonus, most spas wrap their gift cards with a flourish so you can walk out with a beautiful tissue filled gift bag in your hand
  • If you are not able to get to the spa to pick up a gift card, look for a spa that has “Instant Gift Certificates” on their website. You can customize and print these in moments or e-mail directly to the recipient if you are not nearby or you waited until the last minute and you don’t have time to mail it!
  • If you want to make sure your gift is even more meaningful, choose a spa that is local, not part of a national chain, to make sure that the money you spend benefits the community where your guest lives. The Shop Small/Shop Local movement has shown that twice as many dollars stay in the community to support the local economy when you do.

Following these simple steps will make it easy plan a Valentine Celebration that you will love too. While you are surrendering to the hands of a trained massage professional, enjoying the rejuvenation of a head to toe body scrub or enjoying the ultimate luxury of a fabulous facial you may even be able to solve the age old riddle “is it better to give or receive?”

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At the ripe old age of five, Heidi Lamar learned how to turn lemons into lemonade. It wouldn’t have been an unusual feat for a girl her age, had she decided to set up a stand on a hot summer day. But even as a child, Heidi saw opportunity where others might have seen impossibility -- or in this case -- a very cold snowy day in Seattle. <!-- [if !supportLineBreakNewLine]--> <!--[endif]-->No one was surprised when Heidi got her real estate license and bought her first piece of property at 21 -- a duplex she still rents out today. Nor were they surprised when, as she was approaching 40, she bought a Scottsdale office building that was home to a struggling spa. She was an entrepreneur, after all. But it was the skill she learned at five -- turning lemons into lemonade and selling it in the midst of a snowstorm -- that would help her turn that nondescript building into a luxury destination. Something she never planned on doing, but would change her career path and her life forever. “People would say, 'do you realize there are more spas per capita in Phoenix than any other city in the world?' Everyone thought I was crazy, but they’d been telling me that my whole life.”With absolutely no experience, Heidi not only renovated the worn-out spa, but gave the entire building a makeover. As tenants moved out, she took over the space, adding a yoga studio, hair salon and an event room. And then she sold the spa’s services in the same way she sold lemonade in a snowstorm -- with a little bit of charm and a whole lot of moxie.  Today <a href="">Spa Lamar</a> is the largest privately owned resort-style spa in Scottsdale, Arizona. But Heidi hasn’t forgotten her roots. As you enter the atrium, the first thing you see is a pitcher of ice cold lemonade -– a sweet reminder of the lessons she learned so early in life. 

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