When Glitz Meets Grub

When Glitz Meets Grub

Located in the Parker New York Hotel, an upscale place to stay in midtown that is close to places such as Carniege Hall and Central Park, holds a small hole-in-the-wall burger spot that will get your taste buds tingling. With writing all over the walls and a large poster of George Costanza and Sex and the City, there is nothing elegant or fancy about this spot- yet it is a crowd favorite to both locals and people traveling from all over the world. The menu is nothing special in the fact that it’s written on cardboard and hanging above the register. Printer paper dangling from below will tell you the flavor of milkshakes they have for the day as well as changes to the menu, so it’s safe to say you can come here in jeans and a t-shirt and get in just fine despite the elegant exterior.

When coming to the Burgerjoint, you will wait in a line outside of the main door that feeds into the lobby of the hotel. The line may seem standoffish, with the lengthy distance from the door, but you probably won’t wait for longer than 20-30 minutes depending on the line, as it moves quickly. At the midpoint of the line you will find menus divided up by country so you are able to quickly order in the language of your choice. Behind a dark curtain beholds the entrance of the restaurant with about 20 tables/chairs all different sizes. You might have to wait a few minutes for a seat but people are in and out and tend to respect the fact that people are waiting so you won’t wait too long. Another idea is to take your food to Central Park and eat amongst the greenery if all else fails at getting a table.

In terms of the ordering process, I can never pass up a cheeseburger with the works, regardless of what the works are. If they recommend it, I trust it so go big or go home. The burger reminds me of a classic burger you would get at a family cookout. A thick and juicy patty on a roll and all the goodies piled on top- a comforting and delicious bite all in one. The french fries are served in a brown bag and are salted and greased up to meet your expectations- nothing too fancy, just a good potato fried up to perfection. Now the milkshakes are something else! I’m quite a chocolate fanatic and the moment I was told they didn’t have it that day I almost steered away but then came to my senses and ordered it. It was one of the smartest moves because it was absolutely delicious and the perfect thickness, not too difficult to slurp up the straw but not melted either.

My overall experience here was a solid 10 and I would recommend in a heartbeat to any and all burger lovers in NYC! The quality, location, and atmosphere of the restaurant really make the Burgerjoint what it is- a kickass hidden gem in the craziness that we call home.

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