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It is article contributors, just like you, who keep our readers engaged and informed.  We curate all content which means it can take up to 24 hours to post your article.  The reason we do this is to have a human’s eyes (rather than a black box) read your article to make sure that it aligns with our goal to provide high quality local news and information to our subscribers and social media fans.  After your article passes muster it will be posted to the local community web site that you indicated within the entry form.  A list of  Community web page links can be found on our home page.  Each community has an associated Facebook Page which can be found by clicking the Facebook Link on the right side of the page.  The article will also be posted to the My Local News Facebook Page, Twitter, Google+ and other social media outlets.  Your article will also be included in that given communities newsletter which is emailed to our subscribers.

A Couple of suggestions.

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  • Keep in mind that unlike a Facebook Post or a newspaper article (do they still print those?) you can use as many words as necessary to convey your thoughts.
  • Consider a video along with your article.  All we need is a You Tube or Viemo link and we will imbed the video into your article for viewing.
  • Last but not least have fun!  Writing can be a pleasure especially when you are read.  Leave that part up to us.

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* Note: Facebook changed it’s algorithm to include less news posts in their user’s feeds.  This is why sharing posts and Boosting posts become very important to getting your article read by the maxim number of users.