Tempe Elementary to Offer English Language Development New Teacher Summer Training

Tempe Elementary to Offer English Language Development New Teacher Summer Training

The role of an English Language Development (ELD) teacher serves an integral part of our student population at Tempe Elementary School District. Tempe Elementary currently serves approximately 1,300 students who are English Language Learners (ELL). These students have first-languages spanning across 76 different languages!

With such a diverse and culturally rich student population, Tempe Elementary’s ELL Program within the Instructional Excellence Department has come up with an all-day training for new ELD teachers which will take place this summer on Tuesday, July 25 from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Currently, Tempe Elementary has 112 ELD teachers to service ELL students at schools across our District and is expecting to grow this number to 120 teachers by next school year. To gear up for a new year of learning, TD3’s ELL Program is offering a required seminar specifically designed for new ELD teachers to give them all the information and strategies they need for a successful school year.

The New ELD Teacher Training is a required seminar for teachers instructing ELD for the first time at TD3. This seminar will focus on giving teachers the tools they need for successful ELD instruction in the categories of reading, grammar, vocabulary and oral conversation, and writing.

The Instructional Excellence Department understands that ELD teacher trainings have been critical to success, not necessarily as a provider of new information, but as a tool for teachers to come together to brainstorm, plan, share, communicate, and take all of the skills and ideas that are out there and blend them into a cohesive and constructive plan of action.

For more than 15 years, ELD Teacher Susan Sherard has worked with ELL students at Tempe Elementary and demonstrates  a noticeable passion for her career.

“Watching my students grow academically while learning a new language is exciting and humbling at the same time, said Sherard. “They are like little sponges absorbing everything around them. I learn so much from them, especially their tenacity and willingness to keep trying.”

Sherard mentioned that trainings like the ELD teacher training happening this summer, will be helpful to new ELD teachers before they step into their classrooms when school begins in the fall.

“I enjoy our trainings because it gives us a chance to get together with other ELD teachers, share ideas, and learn new strategies,” said Sherard.

On July 25, the new ELD teacher summer training will begin by a offering new teachers a look at understanding Tempe Elementary’s unique ELL program and models of teaching. Then, new ELD teachers will participate in group rotations which focus on specific strategies including comprehension skill investigation and daily vocabulary strategies. The rotations will also cover varying tech-resources and cover ELD services such as parent outreach, student mentors, and translators. New ELD teachers will also get to meet their supporting coach which will be a resource to them throughout the school year!

ELD Teacher Mattie Ligget is just about to complete her first year teaching ELL students at Tempe Elementary. She credits her success in her first year to the support she received from the ELL Program within the Instructional Excellence Department.

“It is exciting to see children become bilingual right before your eyes,” said Ligget. “We also have plenty of support from fellow ELD teachers as well as admin from the ELL program which is very encouraging and helpful!”

Are you currently looking for a teaching position? Consider applying for a position within the Tempe Elementary School District! Visit www.tempeschools.org/jobs to apply today!

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