Sweet Time Travel With Candy World

Sweet Time Travel With Candy World

A Sweet Congratulations to you, Candy World (in Sierra Vista) – your first-year anniversary!  Or, Happy Birthday, even?rsz_candyworld7


With its welcoming, lingering atmosphere, Candy World surpasses a mere candy shop.  On every visit, we have been treated more like visitors, not mere customers.  Besides, the shop has too much interesting candy to look at for us to stop in, buy candy, and just leave.  rsz_candyworld2  The shop has a sitting room inside, and well-shaded seating for outside relaxation.


Visiting Candy World feels more like exploring in a time machine.  Several of us have rediscovered candy we forgot even existed.

Lime flavored tennis gumballs

Others are connecting with the times and like to sample the latest trends in enticing universe of sweet treats.  Lovers of jokes and novelties can find some unusual candies here.  And some iconic.  And an assortment of novelty gumballs.  And gummies.  Build something clever with your candy!  Play with your candy before you eat it!  You can even play with other people’s candy before you eat it. rsz_candyworld10

Some visitors even gain a bonus history tidbit when having a chance to sample candies and sweets enjoyed decades before.  rsz_candyworld9  Interesting and delightfully airy and crispy, satellite wafers from the 1950’s: small, thin, pastel colored wafers filled with assorted colored candy balls.  Among one of the best legacies a generation can impart: brightly colored, eye-catching, scrumptiously flavored sweets which lend a sweet happiness to children and adult aged children around the world.

Sometimes, we dig into our taffies, toffies, and chocolates, and jelly beans, and jawbreakers before leaving Candy World.  There comes a supreme pleasure from standing in the middle of a candy shop and eating some of your favorite candy, surrounded by all assortments of delicious candy.

Candy World considers suggestions for adding to the assortment.    Visitors can drop a note in the box located by the door.   rsz_candyworld3

Thanks again, Candy World, for providing sweet treats and a travel back through time and happy childhood memories!

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