Sushi Time!

Sushi Time!

Since I work in the Chelsea neighborhood, I find myself eating around here a lot. That said, it allows me to explore all different food options and varieties that the west side has to offer. Ranging from hole-in-the-wall pizza shops to delicious Italian, there are many options while in the neighborhood. Some of the best, in my opinion, is found below 23rd St and if you find yourself at Chelsea Market, stop before you enter a tourist trap (even though there are some delicious bites inside). One of my favorite (pricier) spots to eat at in Chelsea is Momoya, a sushi spot on 7th and 21st that is known for having super fresh and interesting options. You can find something for everyone on the menu, even if you aren’t a huge sushi fan!

When entering the restaurant, you are greeted by the hostess who will most likely tell you that there is a little bit of a wait, as the place does not take reservations. During this time I usually order a glass of wine to pass the time and catch up with whoever I’m with. Usually, when I’m ¾ of the way done with my wine, the table is ready to go. Regardless of if you are at the sushi bar or a table, your experience will still be great! I usually prefer to sit at the sushi bar because you get served quicker and get to see all the delicious things they are making, both a pro (trying new things) and a con (bigger bill).  

The menu might overwhelm you with all the options to choose from but don’t be alarmed because everything is good (from what I have been able to try). Here are some of my favorite options:

Miso Soup: You truly can’t go wrong with this no matter what sushi spot you are at. Their miso is a little creamier than others, making it taste 10x better than your average miso!

Tuna Tortilla: This is an all-time necessity when it comes to visiting Momoya! Picture a thin crust tortilla with olive spread, tuna, and truffle oil. It is so tasty but very light so I would recommend ordering more than one for the table if you’re hungry.

Gyoza: I always like getting gyoza as an appetizer with sushi, it helps tide me over until the sushi comes. It’s also something a bit different than the classic fish and rice options I tend to lean towards while out for sushi. The gyoza is steamed and comes with a sweet/salty dipping sauce that adds a lot of flavor to each bite.

Edamame: Always a good table-share item and their’s is not too salty either!

Signature Rolls-
Crispy Rice: This is one of my favorite items on the menu and something everyone should try if you like spicy tuna. It is crispy rice on the bottom with a large helping of spicy tuna topped with shitake and a little jalapeno. It is not too spicy and the crispy rice really makes the whole experience.

Greenwich Roll: A combination of spicy yellowtail, asparagus and a little bit of crunch, wrapped in rice paper drizzled with eel sauce. This is one of my favorite rolls too get and not overwhelming like some other options that have a variety of fish and flavors.

Momoya Spicy Tuna: This isn’t up everyone’s alley but it is quite tasty if you like seared fish and something a bit different. It is one of their most unique rolls, having spicy tuna wrapped in seared yellowtail with a raspberry drizzle and crushed almonds on top. If you are wanting to try something a little different then I would highly recommend.

There are so many other great things to try but these are some I would not want to miss out on. Another thing about this spot is that they do an amazing lunch special. If you find yourself in the Chelsea area or looking for a good meeting spot then here is the spot. It is not too expensive and there generally isn’t a wait either! Definitely try the location out, as you will not be disappointed!

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