Sinema Brings Representation to the Senate

Sinema Brings Representation to the Senate

This election season, Kyrsten Sinema’s victory made her the first female senator for Arizona. But the win marked another milestone as she has now become the first bisexual member of the U.S. Senate.

Sinema’s win also made her the second openly LGBT person from the U.S. Senate. This is being considered a big step for bisexual representation in the Senate and for Arizona as a whole as it has gained national attention.

“I think representation is super important for anybody of any race, sexual orientation or gender. I think it’s an important part that allows society to function properly,” said Hayley Anderson, a student.

However, her orientation was hardly mentioned on the campaign trail as she faced Republican candidate Martha McSally for the Senator position.

“I didn’t know about her sexual orientation when I voted, a friend told me later. It is definitely a cool little sprinkle on top especially today with the elections giving positions to more women,” said Anderson.

Many voters were unaware of her orientation unless they were supporters of her campaign and followed her in the process.

Despite being raised Mormon and earning her Bachelor degree at Brigham Young University, Sinema’s religion eventually shifted. She made her religious orientation known as she became the first person sent to Congress to claim no religion in 2012.

This election proved historical for women and LGBT candidates as a projected number of 100 women won seats in the House of Representatives, the first gay man was elected governor in Colorado and the first female senators in both Arizona and Tennessee.

“I have been following this election and I was definitely rooting for Sinema. I’m so happy that there is bisexual representation in the Senate because it is rarely mentioned and it’s a big victory for anyone in the community,” said student Emily Dean.

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