Raintree Estates – Neighbors Help Neighbor With Expensive Tree Removal

Raintree Estates – Neighbors Help Neighbor With Expensive Tree Removal

At times the world overwhelms you with things that need to be accomplished. Where and how to begin become the obstacles to overcome. Such was the case of Nancy, a Raintree Estates senior citizen and neighbor in need.  A huge, 40-foot dead pine tree in her front yard was a safety hazard and a Tempe Code Compliance violation as well.  Estimates for tree experts to take down the tree safely ran up to $2,000!  Nancy could not afford the removal fee, but luckily her neighbors banded together to help.  They contacted Arizona Treeworks, a company who has provided services for many in the Raintree neighborhood, who agreed to remove the tree for a greatly reduced fee.   A neighbor sent out an email to all the Raintree residents asking for donations to pay for the removal.  A total of $1300 was very quickly raised to pay for the tree service!

Everything came together on Tuesday April 18th and many neighbors came out to watch the excitement.   Arizona Treeworks arrived at 7:00 AM to begin the removal.  By 3:00 that afternoon, the tree was completely down and the yard cleaned up.   After a City Code Compliance Officer verified the dead tree was down, the violation was removed from Nancy’s record.  Raintree Estates residents will always remember how a dead 40 foot tree brought their community together and reinforce the good that can come out of caring for each other.

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