ProBest Pest Management Provides Fantastic Solutions for Bugs and Creepy Crawlers

ProBest Pest Management Provides Fantastic Solutions for Bugs and Creepy Crawlers

There’s so much to love about our beautiful Arizona environment, from the near-constant sunshine and warm temperatures to the gorgeous mountain sunsets. However, like anywhere else, there are some creepy crawlers and big bugs that can leave residents feeling unsettled. That’s where pest management experts come in handy, and there’s no one who knows more about pests in the Phoenix area than Keith Birkemeyer.

As founder and owner of ProBest Pest Management in Gilbert, Keith is truly passionate about solving bug problems. Known affectionately as “Dr. Bug,” he’s been in the pest management business for more than 20 years and ProBest has become the top option for such services in Gilbert and surrounding areas.

This love for bugs began at an early age, when he delighted, or disturbed, his parents with an infestation of Praying Mantis in his childhood home in Ohio. “I collected Praying Mantis egg cases in the winter and my room was warmer than the outside and they hatched,” Keith recalled.  “I probably had 20 cases and there were hundreds of babies throughout my room.”

The spread of praying mantis was just the start. After a decorated Eagle Scout career, Keith moved on to formal trading in Florida, where termites and other bugs thrive. He worked as a technical specialist with a chemical manufacturing company and became an Associate Certified Entomologist. “An opportunity came about to purchase a company in the Mesa/Gilbert area and I jumped at the chance to help more people.”

Since moving to Arizona and establishing his business, he’s shared his entertaining pest control stories and facts with groups throughout the state, country and even the world. He’s a trusted expert on all things bugs, termites and pest control. Not only has ProBest been named a Quality Pro company, but it’s also been awarded the “Mark of Excellence in Pest Management” by the National Pest Management Association. This success is due in large part to Keith’s excitement and enthusiasm for his work. He describes himself as a “grown kid at heart” who is passionate about bugs and loves the fact that his company allows him to work with these creatures all the time.

One of the areas that ProBest specializes in is scorpions and preventing these painful predators from making their way into homes in the first place. No one knows bugs, including scorpions, like Keith does, so he’s an excellent resource to call if you have any concerns about Arizona’s legendary creatures. “We often rotate our products and continuously explore new potential products.”

Two of ProBest’s staff members are A.C.E. or Associate Certified Entomologists through the Entomological Society of America, which allows them to better serve our customers with the knowledge and drive to perform quality service. As the scientific study of insects, Entomology is a fascinating field that Keith understands and embraces every single day. He says bugs are a reality of life, but when they show up in your home, they can make you and your family uncomfortable and present potential hazards. “ProBest specializes in diagnosing and treating your home. All of our services are customized for your comfort and protection,” Keith said.

Keith loves to share his knowledge of bugs and crazy stories about his work, which makes people feel more comfortable. His friendly personality and outgoing nature make for an easy experience for anyone. “Whenever you think you have seen the strangest, something tops it. People living with bedbugs or German Roaches still creep me out sometimes,” he shared.


He also explained that bugs throughout the world have killed many people throughout history. “Mosquitoes continue to kill over 1 million a year. Fleas, ticks and rodents cause considerable damage and problems yearly.” Keith says that Arizonans should know just how important home-sealing is to reducing pests from getting inside. “The trim at the bottom of the stucco needs to be sealed, not the holes as they are needed for the house to breath. Seal any holes, get consistent pest control and check your property monthly for issues.”

Keith says that sometimes, residents choose the cheapest possible service providers, and the results leave a lot to be desired. “ProBest is not the cheapest, we are in the middle generally – we do quality work and stand behind it with integrity and trustworthiness.”

One of the biggest misconceptions he hears has to do with pesticides. “In the olden days we use to spray inside every month. This puts pesticides in your home on each service while an outside is better for your health. Also we don’t power spray unless you have ticks, power spraying is just in my opinion the overuse of pesticides. We pinpoint and treat where they hide.”

With more than 35 years in the business and a QualityPro certification that dates back to 2005, it’s obvious that ProBest is a great resource for pest management solutions. Many satisfied customers share the same sentiment, as client Laura Cordovano detailed in her testimonial: “I really like the team at ProBest. They listen to you on the phone and take care of you onsite at your house. They have experienced techs and the office personnel are all terrific and pleasant, and do their absolute best to accommodate your schedule. They are a busy business because they are very good at what they do! I run a locksmith service called, The Lock Lady, and as another small business A+ rated company, I know what it takes to create and run a 5 star service company. I am very picky about who services my personal property and I have trusted ProBest for years. Rock on killing our Arizona nasty bugs, guys!”

Keith hopes to continue doing just that, by staying true to their QualityPro rating. You can learn more about “The Mark of Excellence in Pest Management” on the official website here:

Keith says helping people is the best part of his job. “ProBest will not do a job until we identify the insect/issue – I’ve had people swear they had termites and it turned out to be crickets, bedbugs or ticks.”

To take care of pests the right way, call Keith and his trusted team on (480) 831-9328 or send an email to You can also visit the ProBest headquarters at 751 N. Monterey Street in Gilbert, or visit the official website here:

Stay up-to-date with Keith’s bug adventures by checking out his YouTube Channel and his weekly blog posts:

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