Opinion: Your song as per your Zodiac Sign

Opinion: Your song as per your Zodiac Sign

We all know our zodiac traits, numbers and stones, but, do we know our music? Our song? Most of us, don’t. Thus, today, I am going to tell you about your songs. The songs that resonate the best with your zodiac signs and personality. There are a zillion songs available to us due to many internet services and trust me when I say that I listened to many songs before finalizing the list so I really do hope to be accurate but if I am not  —  comment to let me know the name of your song. 🙂

  1. Aries

Being the first sign of the horoscope — Aries take pride in themselves being first at everything. The like to lead and they own that too. They are bossy and due to their quality to step up for whatever they want to support or get done — it’s fine. They give instructions and it’s a quality.

Aries’ Song: Instructions by Jax Jones

  1. Taurus

Taurus people are sensual with a dash of practicality and ambition mixed well within them. One thing that can overpower all their traits is their desire for pleasure and beauty to themselves. Many signs are hedonistic but not more than Taurus.

Taurus’ Song: Bom Bidi Bom by Nick Jonas

  1. Gemini

Gemini always has a way to get things done. Never would they be seen struggling to get out of a situation because they get out of whatever is thrown at them with their laid back and positive attitude towards everything. They have good inter as well as intrapersonal skills alongside the brilliance of mind to add a cherry on top.

Gemini’s Song: High by Dua Lipa

  1. Cancer

Unpredictability and insecurity add more turbulence to the over emotional cancer-ians. They get sad more often than happy. They can get hurt very easily and thus are tantrum throwers. If they feel hurt they will let you know in time since they are loyal to those they love — just don’t push them too much.

Cancer’s Song: Amnesia by 5 Seconds of Summer

  1. Leo

Leos are quite full of themselves and feel superior to others. They like being in the limelight and are never embarrassed to step on other’s heads to get somewhere better. Practical, ambitious and opportunist Leos believe the world is all about them. It’s cute, really, how they consider themselves as addictive because they do charm everyone easily.

Leo’s Song: Fetish by Selena Gomez

  1. Virgo

Virgo’s are perfectionists who want everything from the creases on a shirt to the shoelaces being even toned. Virgos are a one wo/man army. They would get things done if they want them done. They like being given the importance they would give someone else and can’t handle people being different or indifferent. They like being the ones on whom you would rather depend on and rant to than close up.

Virgo’s Song: End Game by Taylor Swift

  1. Libra

Libras are attracted to excitement; the same way moths are to fire. They are Romantics with a sense of adventure in everything. Since they are prone to promote peace and harmony — they are unable to negate a request from literally anyone. They just have to be nice to everyone — it’s like a compulsion to them and thus it leaves them stressed and worked out.

Libra’s Song: I hate you I love you by Gnash ft Olivia O’Brien

  1. Scorpio

Realists like Scorpios can settle well into any environment as they understand the laws of nature and accept them too. Despite being emotional, they have a calm attitude towards things and are often seen as cool due to their mysterious personality. Very rarely do they open up to anyone because they find it hard trusting people, however, people can trust them easily.

Scorpio’s Song: Riptide by Vance Joy

  1. Sagittarius

The curious and energetic Sagittarians are known to be the actual travellers. Even their symbol represents that. They have a good sense of humour and are always the life of a gathering. However, once they feel being pushed down or towards something they become the blood gushing rebels. The Centaur can easily stab you in the stomach with its arrow.

Sagittarius’ Song: Devil in me by Hasley

  1. Capricorn

Capricorns are highly helpful but also conservative. These practical goats can walk miles for you when in the mood too only. You can’t force them to love you or be nice to you. They’d treat you the way they feel like whenever. A common trait in them is that of getting adored but never reciprocating it back on the same level. They can take you for granted and still make you adore them.

Capricorn’s Song: Love me or Hate me by Lady Sovereign

  1. Aquarius

Aquarians are spontaneous and unpredictable. You can never know whether you’d be riding up high or down low with them, at any moment in life. They are stubborn and are not very flexible when it comes down to submitting to others. They are filled with the passion and desire to do better with each step.

Aquarius’ Song: Gasoline by Hasley

  1. Pisces

Pisces wear their hearts on sleeves and get hurt quite often. Due to their empathetic nature — they can’t stop themselves from being nice to everyone. They are moody but they are overly emotional as well. These peacemakers tend to be adored by many but never to the same level they invest in others.

Pisces’ Song: Human by Christina Perri

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