Opinion: Black Mirror – Every techie’s undying dream?

Opinion: Black Mirror – Every techie’s undying dream?

Black mirror, a well-known Netflix production, is all about the lapse between time, reality, technology and future. The show puts forth ideas about how our world might change in the event of technology up gradation. It revolves around our daily day to day ideas and events and ends with a bang giving us all something to think over, at the end of every episode.

We all think over it more or less about how life might seem 50 years from now, don’t we? Keeping that in mind, the show was made to make us want and desire to live in a utopian world where our imagination is actually a fragment within the reality and not just our mind.

Each episode is a story in itself and has a fresh cast to put forth a new idea as well as the story. The use of satire is as regular as cream in coffee. The basic purpose is to explore the techno-paranoia we all have and always will have. Maybe, because of the inherited fear of the unknown from one life form to another? It’s just there and damn are those people making a sh**load of money on it or not? Living beings can do so much when in fear. You can never be sure of their reaction, right?

Anyhow, coming back to the topic at hand, the black mirror is like cocaine to techies these days – they snort up the 4 episodes that come out and discuss them for years or months. I don’t know if any of you saw Vanilla Sky back in time but the movie was very similar to the idea of future and whatnot. If you haven’t you can always still on Netflix or anywhere you want to all you need is either a good internet connection or cable subscription (check spectrum plans) to be able to keep up with the now of entertainment. In fact, now that I think over it many movies have been made on such topics – thus the genre “sci-fi” … rings many bells, doesn’t it? Lol, I am sorry I am silly enough to ponder over it just now.

Would you ever want to go into a forever world, if you had the chance? A world induced by chemicals and whatnot to help you elope into a hereafter – with no concept of time and disease. Death and age – everyone gets to stay young with immortality. If you are confused about which episode I am pointing towards it’s, “San Junipero”, the city of undead even if you found the Yorkie to your Kelly – would you want a forever?

How much could you possibly party before you get bored and want something new? Won’t it be just a lot of work to breathe and walk and live – with no purpose? I never saw an animal in it as well — my chances are that I might end up at Quagmire in order to just feel new or find something to make me feel something. Kelly’s justified that in her argument to not pass on, didn’t she? Speaking of Quagmire – a character on Family Guy is named that and we all know his character as well, no?

And even if one doesn’t end up at quagmire then what? Do you wish to be like Wes? Wes is the guy who chases Kelly to be with him because he “felt” a real connection. The episode is just 61 minutes of the screenplay but a lifetime of discussion – they showed us all sorts of extremes in just one episode, didn’t they? Wes, who had no purpose and find Kelly as one. Kelly, who saw Yorkie as an anchor holding her back and Yorkie, a paralyzed woman who never felt the touch of a human in love because she fell in a coma-like situation when she was just 21 years old. Yorkie never got to live a life and Kelly too as a heterosexual never did explore her desires and opportunities. Wes remains unheard of and all we know he’s still just running here and there between times to find solace in his forever.

If you got a chance, would you take it?

I am still confused, if I’d ever, honestly.

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