The Other Gal

The Other Gal

If you know good food and you live in New York than you are fully aware of the award-winning restaurant Emily West Village that is notorious for their juicy burgers and simply amazing pizzas. But just to the East of that restaurant, located on 1st St. and 5th Ave lives the sister to the triplet-restaurant. With another location in Brooklyn, Emily seems to be popping up in all neighborhoods – but rightfully so especially after you have taken a bite of one of their very famous burgers. One thing I love about the Emily locations is that all of the menus are pretty similar but each spot has its own unique twist it. Whether it be a different burger or a unique sauce topped on the famous Colony pizza – there is a bit of uniqueness to every dish. 

In terms of location – this spot is perfect for those people (especially the East Village locals) who always have a difficult time getting across town. With the subway systems and diagonal trekking, it makes visiting your favorite restaurant so much easier. The restaurant, located on the corner, allows you many diverse sitting options – whether you want to enjoy the Spring weather outside on the patio, get comfy in a booth, or sit next to the window for some good people-watching activity – there is a spot that just about fits every vibe.


Now let’s talk menu – as mentioned above, there are a lot of similarities to this menu as the other locations and that is probably one of my favorite parts about the place. In terms of ordering, there are 3 necessities that need to be on your table when visiting any Emily locations. Those are: 

  1. The Broccoli Salad – basically just what it sounds like but 10x more delicious than it sounds. Think of some broccoli, a few add-ins such as radishes and pears and then a mindblowing, amazing, miso dressing topped on top. Truly one of my favorite items!

  2. The Spicy Chicken Sandwich OR the Le Big Matt Burger – you can’t go wrong with either but just make sure that one is on your table. Depending on if you’re a spicy person or more on the savory side is where you can decipher what your game plan will be. The burger, similar to the Emmy Burger, has its own take on a “sauce” and then topped with some cheese, pickles, tomato and all the classics. As for the Spicy Chicken Sandwich, think of a fried chicken tossed in some spicy hot sauce and then doused in yummy sauces and toppings. No matter the take – you’re in for a treat! 

  3. Always always always – the Colony pizza! Do the right thing, you know you want to and sometimes it’s okay to get another side of pizza sauce to dip it into as well. 

You truly can’t go wrong with anything on this menu – and being that I have had almost all of it, I can attest that there’s truly something for everyone. So do yourself a favor, whether you find yourself in Williamsburg, East Village or West Village – check out one of their locations. 

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