A Parisian Getaway in NYC

A Parisian Getaway in NYC

Tucked into a quaint space in the Lower East Side lives a chic and small French restaurant called Jadis that houses everything from delicious wine to amazing pressed sandwiches with Happy Hour prices that you just can not beat (Monday-Saturday from 5-7 p.m.). No matter the day – this spot is a great place to hide out from a rainstorm, bundle inside during the freezing temps of winter, or grab a glass with some coworkers after a summer Friday. Depending on your vibe, there are numerous locations to sit – say you’re more of a couch person? Then head on to the back where you can take over a couch or three with your group of pals and chit chat the night away. If you’re more of an open air and natural light type of aesthetic then look no further to the benches or bars that line the front of the entryway area in the space. Being that you can change the feel of the room by just a seat move, this is a solid spot for all occasions!  


In terms of the menu items, there is a lot to pick and choose from and I would highly recommend to share a bunch of stuff as opposed to ordering solo. You truly can never go wrong with a table full of different items that you can pick and choose from (who wants to be confined to 1 menu item anyways). Even the sandwiches are good to share as a meal while also splitting some additional appetizers to top off the evening. In terms of the menu rundown – these are my favorite: 


  • Steamed cold whole artichoke – Just how it sounds and simple yet tasty.

  • Mushroom truffle risotto puffs – If you like Arancini balls then this is the perfect addition to your order. They’re light and fluffy but jam-packed with flavor! 

  • Escargot – A staple on a french menu but if you’re not a fan of the crawling creature then a pass would suffice.

  • Bacon wrapped scallops – Because obviously anything wrapped in bacon is on our plate.

  • Chicken breast, pesto, goat cheese and red pepper pressed sandwich – It is super delicious with minimal ingredients but definitely packing some flavor .

  • Caprese sandwich – A go-to in my book but again, depends on your palate.

  • Charcuterie – This is something I don’t like to recommend for others because everyone has their own likings for meat and cheeses but I will say that there is a large variety ranging from pork to cheese and they are top notch selections. 


Now for my favorite part of this place … the wine! With a large assortment of blends and bottles, there is something for everyone (yes, even your friend Tamara that hates anything associated with wine because lucky for her they have a variety of beer and cocktails as well). The wine list ranges in price usually starting around $9 a glass without happy hour prices and go all the way up to $155 for a bottle. That said, there is a type for everyone – whether you’re being a cost efficient friend that can’t spend over $40 a week on weekday outings (like myself) or a boujie gal out on the town and ready to turn up. With rose, prosecco, red, white, orange, dessert wine and more you really can’t have a problem finding something that suits your taste buds. 


Overall, this place is a 9.1 in my book because no matter where I stray in the city I always end up back at Jadis whether it be for a relaxing evening or a fun location for me and my friends. 

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