The Best Hangover Cure in NYC

The Best Hangover Cure in NYC

After a night out on the town and a few too many cocktails, you may not be feeling too hot the morning after. If you’re looking for something with some grease, a lot of carbs and an overall delicious thing to put in your stomach then look no further than Cheeky Sandwiches in the Lower East Side! I found this spot one day when I was interning in the city and was really craving a biscuit (a random craving being from Arizona and all). After researching what places had the best ones in town, I came across this amazing place. A biscuit sandwich with fried chicken, pickled cabbage, and gravy and, wow, it is phenomenal. So much so that I went and got it again on my next day off.

The space is quite small, with counter seating and one large table in the front so I definitely wouldn’t recommend this place for a large group outing. The cooks behind the counter generally tend to be young men, more on the New York hipster side, listening to rap music and cooking it up at all hours of the day. The vibe in the small restaurant is pretty cool, with local artists works displayed for purchase and white walls surrounding. If you’re planning on having your first visit to Cheeky Sandwiches, I would say grab a buddy and a six pack of beer, get it to go, and eat it in the park or benches in the area. It’s a sandwich that can be consumed at any time, anywhere, any place- especially after a night of festivities.

The thing about this sandwich is that it is very different than your average biscuit sandwich. It has a very flavorful biscuit that is dense enough so it doesn’t crumble to pieces on the first bite, a fried piece of chicken seasoned to perfection with the appropriate amount of crunch, and just the right amount of gravy to give it that check mark on your taste bud spectrum. I have actually tried their breakfast biscuit sandwich as well, and yes it is pretty tasty. But nothing in my mind will ever measure up to the flavors and deliciousness that is the chicken sandwich. After discovering this spot, I have kept it near to my heart and only shared it with people that I feel will truly enjoy the taste of a terrific fried chicken biscuit sandwich. But the cat’s out of the bag now and I hope you enjoy, and remember- once a biscuit lover, always a biscuit lover.

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