Bagel’s in the Village

Bagel’s in the Village

New York City, filled with an endless supply of deliciousness at your fingertips, can be a little overwhelming. With the variety of food selections or the overbearing need to try 7 different restaurants on one block, some may not know where to start. One things for sure though, you are bound to find something delicious whether you are going out/ ordering in/stopping by (even at 4am).


One of my favorite spots that I have found here in the city is Tompkins Square Bagels. A local and delicious bagel shop right on 1st Avenue in East Village. This cute and tasty establishment is serving things up bagel style. Whether you’re craving a bagel & lox or a bacon egg and cheese, you are bound to find something on the menu that will suit your tastebuds. Not to mention the endless assortment of cream cheese flavors that they have-bacon scallion, birthday cake, peanut butter dip to name a few. You even get to watch them make the bagels from scratch while you wait in line. A good tip is to not toast the bagels, they recommend that you don’t to keep its freshness and from experience, I would agree with them!

Even though the lines may seem long on a weekend morning, they have the system down to a science so you probably won’t wait longer than 15 minutes. Being a competitor to the other famous bagel shops around the area, the price, wait, and overall taste is fabulous. Personally, waiting for a bagel for 45 minutes seems a little ridiculous and that is what I love about this place. They are quick, delicious, and make you want to come back to try the many different bagel varieties. Give it a try and trust me, you will not be let down!

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