Make Time for Vacations

Make Time for Vacations

I recently returned home from a short vacation to Florida. My friends, partner, and I visited Central Florida as well as South Florida and we even spent some time in Savannah, Georgia just for kicks.

This was my first time seeing the beach since I was 15 years old. That’s right, this was my first vacation in nine years. Needless to say, I was ecstatic.

In the weeks leading up to vacation, many of my anxieties reared their ugly heads. Will we even have enough money to afford this trip? Will my cats be okay without me for five days? Let me tell you, the worries were incessant.

As the days winded down and the trip became ever more imminent, though, I realized something: more than anything, I was excited.

Now, I’m not saying I didn’t cry when I left my cat, Aurora (I definitely cried), but once we got on the road with a car full of awesome people, the reality of our trip set in.

There’s something profoundly liberating about driving 12 hours through the night across several states. Each stop at a gas station is a thrilling adventure where you wonder, “Who will I meet here at three in the morning?”, and “Will the bathrooms be functional?”

The most incredible thing, though, was arriving in Florida and realizing it was actually happening. I got to see one of my best friends for the first time in months and celebrate her wedding with her, I got to enjoy the diversity of South Florida, and I got to experience the ocean again. It had been far too long.

Between rolling around making sand angels and watching a group of dolphins play around in the water, I was almost brought to tears with gratitude for the opportunities I experienced.

It made me understand that trips don’t have to be giant productions that require never-ending planning and bottomless bank accounts. Anyone can go on vacation, and I truly mean that. I am by no means flushed with cash. In fact, I’d consider myself un-wealthy to a mildly uncomfortable degree. But if you are willing to drive distances in fuel-efficient vehicles and split bills with a group of friends, you can pretty much make anything affordable.

I have no decided, after dealing with the post-beach blues, that I want to make sure I never have to go another nine years without a vacation again. While it might not be a trip to the beach each time (though I wouldn’t complain about that), getting a change of scenery is so beneficial and fun.

Life can be a real downer sometimes, but having something to look forward to is immensely helpful. So go ahead and plan a vacation. It can be large or small, two weeks long or over the weekend. Just make it happen, because if I can do it with my ever-present anxieties and stresses, anyone can. et yourself a cocktail and enjoy a steady stream of updates letting you know your kitties are just fine back home.

If you’re still not sure, take my advice and get yourself a cocktail while you enjoy a steady stream of updates letting you know your kitties are just fine back home.

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