My Local Business: RV Wheelator

My Local Business: RV Wheelator

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Today’s Featured Business: N. Placita Tuberia Tucson, AZ 85745

Phone: (520) 230-3123



Please describe your business. RV Wheelator®
Listing and selling RVs like Real Estate agents list and sell homes.
Our advertising service is “No Cost” for private sellers.
RV Wheelator® is the best thing that has happened to the “For Sale By Owner” RV market since the invention of the slide 27 years ago!
What was your inspiration in starting your business? I majority of our customers are needing to sell the beloved RV because of a health issue, a source of income stopped or are getting to old for the challenges of camping.
The former way of selling the RV was to consign or find a dealer that would buy the RV. Unfortunately they buy for wholesale and sell for retail.
Most private sellers feel “Ripped Off”!
What has been your hardest business challenge?  RV Wheelator® biggest challenge to make customers aware we are nothing like the old way of being “Ripped Off”.
Our business model is a retail to retail pricing, the owner gets his agreed price and any amount over and above the agreed selling price is considered our commission earned after the sale is complete.
RV Wheelator® works first gets paid last!
Do you have a signature product or service? If so please tell us about it. RV Wheelator® only works for “Private for Sale By Owners’
Dealers have huge mark ups and are more interested in selling their owned inventory than that of a consignment.
Is there anything else you would like potential customers to know about your business? We introduce nice people wanting to sell their beloved RV to nice people wanting to buy an RV, travel trailer, 5th wheel of motor home.
The owner approves the ad, the owner keeps possession of the RV and the Title and the owners/seller collects all the money. Their agreed selling price plus our commission.
RV Wheelator® is the only one that can get hurt.
Any special offer you would like My Local News – AZ subscribers to be aware of? RV Wheelator® is the “ONLY” fair RV advertising service in North America!

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