Liven up the Living Room, Phoenix!

Liven up the Living Room, Phoenix!

When it comes time to spruce up your living room for a house refresh, consider the three Ps – presence, plants and parties. Living in the desert heat can keep you inside for weeks at a stretch, so why not bring some of the outdoors inside?

Your living room should provide a statement about you, who you are, how you live and what you consider important. One way to improve your interiors is by incorporating the three Ps into your living room to add a dash of insight and intrigue about you to visitors.

Presence – Your living room should give off a powerful presence of who you are, your likes, favorite colors and more. Too much beige on the walls turn you off? Maybe that means it’s time for bold wall colors, or a dominant painting in the living room, or a design that speaks to the inscrutable you! In any case, consider one side of your living room to ‘make the statement’. Cost – $100-$200 to do this part right.

Plants – Bring the desert inside! Putting green plants within your living space brings extra air, colorful greens and a casual atmosphere to your environment. Small apartments can do with wall plants arranged in a pattern. Larger living rooms can do with desert plants like aloe vera on end tables. Aloe vera plants, besides requiring little water and sunshine, can alert homeowners to poor indoor air. If the plant shows brown spots, it could be an indicator of chemicals in your home air. Aloe plants also help reduce scents of benzene and formaldehyde as well. Check out some of these beneficial houseplants to add color and clean air to your life. Cost – $50 – $100 for bi-weekly plants

Parties – Make room for friends! Your living room should have room for gatherings. Don’t over-clutter the space with oversized furniture or large end tables that take up too much room. Make your living room a ‘living’ space, with room for humans to mingle and converse. Use your imagination for minimizing the clutter. Cost: $0

Using the three Ps to remodel your living space in Phoenix can have a wonderful effect on your indoor lives. Especially when it’s 115 degrees outside! 

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