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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Have you decided to sell your home and hired a professional Realtor®? If so you want to sell it quickly and for top dollar.  You depend on your Realtor® to use the MLS. But what if that’s not enough?

My Local News – AZ can help with an engaging and interactive advertisement.  Preferred Listing Post Ads run on one of our Arizona Community Websites until the listing is sold or taken off of the market. Your ad will also be included in the applicable community newsletter which are sent out every Wednesday. Subscriber counts very by city. Every Thursday we send out a Statewide Newsletter (See Archives) where subscriber counts are approximately 125,000. Of course we will also post your ad to our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and other social media sites. Check out other Realtor Listing Ads and we believe your Realtor® will see the value in advertising with My Local News – AZ. 

Note to Realtors®: We format your ad for maximum social interactive engagement and give you the opportunity to market your services along with your listing. All we need from you is the MLS# and few other items. Our listing ads have the added benefit in your ability to show current and future clients that you make the extra effort to market their property. We will also give you the opportunity to “Boost” your add on Facebook with 100% of your monies going towards the boost. Get started by filling out the simple form below. If you have any questions please feel free  to contact us

More information about advertising your listing with My Local News

More details about our unique way to market your listing.  

Realtors®, we encourage you to explore the different Community Newsletters and associated Facebook Pages and see how the Interactive Preferred Listings look and feel.

As a Realtor® one of your most important jobs is to market your listings to the best of your ability.  My Local News offers an easy and inexpensive way to advertise your listing to the community it is located within.  Our Preferred Listings posts receive some of the highest clicks thorough rates and trend well on social media.  Rather than spending the time and expense on a flyer we are able to market an attractive online listing, along with photos, simply with the MLS number.  Further, your seller will appreciate that you are making the extra effort to market their property.

  • Listing advertisement is sent along with other local news to thousands of My Local News Opt-In Subscribers and included in the local weekly newsletter.
  • Unlike an E-Flyer our listing ads are sent not just to other Realtors® but to a wide selection of community members.
  • Mobile friendly site and enhanced through SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Your listing is posted on one of our Community Websites, Facebook Page, Twitter and LinkedIn as well.  You can then share the article with your circle.
  • Compliance with ADRE requirements that Brokerage name be listed at the top of social media post advertisements.
  • Custom lead in such as “Please call John Smith at XYZ Realty if you are interested in touring this property”
  • Great advertisement for Open Houses.
  • Please your seller by showing them you are making the extra effort to market their property.
  • Facebook “Boost Post Ad” option.
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