Let’s Do Community News – Together! (VIDEO)

Let’s Do Community News – Together! (VIDEO)

My Local News – Arizona is the fastest growing and easiest way to share your local news, events and information with others in your community – and we want to help you. With over 123,000 subscribers in 19 Arizona cities (and more on the way), we can help you reach the people you want to reach.

Although we take great pride in publishing our own quality, original content, our site also allows you to register as a contributor and post your own information so you have more control over what you share and when. Our team of professionals can also help you create a good, quality post – even if you’re “technologically challenged” or writing just isn’t your thing. Whether you feel confident in posting your own information or you’d like assistance, we’re here to help you share your interesting and timely news items with the community. We do not charge any fees for this service and no payment is offered; you provide something of value to us and we provide something of value to you. We simply want to help you share your news. For more information on how you can submit articles, click here.  

Not only can you post news and information to our site, you can also subscribe to your city’s local news to receive weekly updates about what’s going on in your community. Often, the community news you receive through My Local News can’t be found anywhere else. That’s because we share news from our local readers and we focus on what’s timely and relevant to the city to which you subscribe. To subscribe to your city’s news, simply fill out the subscription request on the upper right hand of your screen, or click here, then click on your city from the list on the right side, and sign up within that city’s site.

Everyone knows it costs money to run a business, so how do we do this? We help local realtors sell homes. We provide an online platform for local realtors to advertise homes for sale in your area. For a small fee, realtors can upload their MLS listings into our system and, viola, it reaches thousands more people instantly, until the home sells. For information on how to do this, click here.

If you want to be connected to your community and stay up to date on the latest news and events in your area, we kindly ask you to support My Local News by becoming a contributor, subscribing, liking us on Facebook and other social media, and telling your friends. We proudly support local businesses and are proud to be one, led by two friends who believe in the value of community news and the connection it brings to a community.


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