Lean How To Conduct A Proper Background Check

Lean How To Conduct A Proper Background Check

Been burned by a service worker or duped by a partner (business or personal)? How about relied on someone else to properly check someone out and learned the hard way that no one cares like you do? Or, do you just wonder what all the hoopla is about background checks?

If so, you’ve come to the right place: Strategic Intelligence Services! 

In our How To Conduct A Proper Background Check class, you will learn not only WHERE to look for information but WHAT and WHY you need it!

Taught by a former police detective and working private detective, we will share:

  • Where the important information is held
  • How the information gets into “the system”
  • What is the “system” and its limitations
  • What’s NOT in the system and how that matters
  • What online databases aren’t telling you
  • Real case examples
  • How to protect yourself

Our live class is taught online via computer and can be taken by you from the comfort of your home, office or car!

If you don’t know what you don’t know, your bound to get burned. Get in the know instead and register now!

Once registered, and prior to the class date, you will receive your login information which can be accessed by phone, computer or tablet.

See you then!

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<strong>Christine Burke</strong>, is the owner and supervisory investigator for <a href="https://www.StrategicIntelligenceServices.com">Strategic Intelligence Services PLLC</a>, a private investigative and legal services agency located in Chandler, Arizona. A former law enforcement officer, she is known for catching the criminal and getting results. Christine brings a wealth of experience including her work as a police officer and major case detective where she investigated many types of crimes including identify theft, fraud, counterfeiting, employee theft, sex crimes, narcotics and violent crimes. Christine has also conducted insurance fraud investigations for a global carrier managing investigations nationwide. She has written and published three books and regularly speaks to groups worldwide about not only her adventures but business acumen and sage advice. In 2010 she founded <a href="https://www.HelpSolveTheCase.com">Help Solve The Case</a>, dedicated to closing cold cases and has consulted for Investigation Discovery. If you have an issue you'd like to see resolved or would like her to speak to your group, please contact her via her <a href="https://www.strategicintelligenceservices.com/contact-us.php">website</a>.

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