Don’t be Ashamed of Your Fringe Interests

Don’t be Ashamed of Your Fringe Interests

If you’re anything like me, you’re fascinated with the unknown. Whether it’s paranormal experiences or extraterrestrial encounters, all of these fringe mysteries are incredibly intriguing. 

Most people tend to write supernatural occurrences off as hogwash, superstition, and false accounts promoted by the mentally ill. And I’m sure that a huge percentage of stories are total bunk perpetuated by rampant undiagnosed schizophrenia and psychoses. 

I get it, truly. We as humans pride ourselves on being a logical species rooted firmly in reason. Science is a fundamental part of our everyday life and offers so many explanations for the events that take place within our universe.

I am a huge proponent of science and evidence. I would never seriously consider that the earth might be flat after all or that the moon landing was staged in a Hollywood film studio. However, I think it’s possible that science has vastly more potential than what we’ve tapped into thus far. 

Most people who claim they’ve been contacted by aliens are laughed out of the room, so it’s natural that no self-respecting scientist is eager to waltz into the lab and exclaim that he or she will now focus on harnessing extra terrestrial technology to visit other dimensions. Nobody wants to get gawked at or belittled in his or her field. 

However, I think it’s important to consider that we have limits as a species. All of the laws of physics in our universe have been figured out by our own kind. Who is to say that in another thousand years we won’t have discovered some new phenomenon that throws a wrench into how we see things now? That doesn’t mean that we are wrong, it just means that our laws must be tweaked. We didn’t have it figured out back then, why are we so sure that we have it figured out now? Why are we so arrogant as to think that we are able to grasp in 2017 the entire nature of existence within and beyond our universe?

I think that everyone should have a healthy sense of skepticism. However, I also think that being open-minded will allow for more consistent growth as a species. There is a lot of compelling evidence that things in the universe might not be exactly what we understand them to be at this time. 

Don’t feel like a weirdo or an outcast because you’re interested in these big questions. I don’t. It’s okay to wonder and fantasize about what could be. It’s easy to get lost spiraling down the rabbit hole, though. Be sure to feed your sense of curiosity without losing your footing entirely. 


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