Whether you are involved with a local, county or state government we hope to show you how My Local News can help you deliver content in an interesting and informative way to residents and visitors alike.  We encourage you to look around our site and register as a content provider.  Please see our FAQ resources below andfeel free to contact us with any questions you may have. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to submit an article?

You create your headline and then most users copy and paste text and pictures into the article body and ad link-backs to additional content. The average article takes approximately five minutes to get ready for upload. 

Why should we post to your platform when we have a email subscription press release service that news media outfits can signup for? 
Ask yourself in the last year how many news organizations published articles related to the information you were trying to disseminate.  Sure the high profile topics and issues get covered but what about those park and recreation programs, water, streets, arts, police and fire, library services etc.?  Our platform allows as many users from different departments post articles as often as they would like which experientially increases the number of eyeballs who will see and read your content. 

We already produce a newsletter, which is posted to our website and is sent out with our water bills. Isn’t this enough?

In most municipalities less than 50% of the residents receive a water bill and those that do are more likely to find out about relevant services and programs online rather than a printed newsletter which has space limitations.  

We already reach out through our website and social media. Why the extra step?

Our platform should not replace any of your ongoing outreach efforts.  Rather My Local News is here to compliment and widen the circle of the number of people who see and interact with your content. In todays media saturated world it is harder than ever to get your message through to the intended recipient.  We are simply another tool in the box to help you with these efforts.  

How is your platform different than traditional media services?

In years past traditional newspapers had the resources to be able to cover local community issues that were relevant to members of a local city or town.  The internet has changed how we all consume news and this has led old school media services to focus on news that is relevant to as many readers as possible.  This is why a “Community Section” may now include articles which are completely irrelevant to its readers.  We have the ability to focus like a laser on news and events that are taking place in an area which our readers live and/ or play in.  

Do we have to provide original content?

Your choice of content, photos, logos, video links etc. is completely your discretion.  Some users simply copy and paste press release information while others write engaging articles and include impeded You Tube videos and reference links.  


Once Registered you will have access to your own custom MLN Dashboard.

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