Why Get An Energy Audit During a Home Purchase?

Why Get An Energy Audit During a Home Purchase?


During the process of buying a home, a home inspection is typically performed.  A home inspection is designed to uncover defects, or things that might not be working correctly.  A home inspection is not designed to show the efficiency or life expectancy of any system or component as per the American Society of Home Inspectors.   An Energy Audit is designed to reflect that information and more. 

An Energy Audit looks at a home as a “system” not just a home.  The system has different components that work together toward energy efficiency.  If one system isn’t performing it will reflect on the entirety of the system.  

When an energy audit is performed a contractor performs several tests that are NOT included in a Home Inspection.  A blower door test and duct blaster test are performed among other visual inspections.  Those two tests alone will reveal if the home is “leaky” and if there are potential leaks that can be repaired to seal the “envelope” or home’s exterior.  Much more is uncovered, so watch the video below for details.

There are several components to an Energy Audit.  Air flow and pressure, energy efficiency,  moisture,  and air quality are issues that can also be uncovered, both good and bad in an Energy Audit. 

Corbett Lunsford explains this in his video below.  Having met Corbett on his “Proof is Possible Tour” last October, 2016 in Phoenix, was a pleasure and a big lesson in energy efficiency, even though it’s my specialty in real estate. 

Recommendations can be very inexpensive and the solution does NOT always include new windows and doors.   An energy audit will include a report that is third party verified to ensure quality control. Contractors included on the utility websites will receive a subsidy from the utility  provider for the home.  

The really neat thing for consumers is that  energy efficiency is the sideline goal for accomplishing an air tight home with good air quality. Most people don’t think about air quality but if you tighten a home and provide good air flow, you’ll accomplish good air quality.  

So if you’re looking to buy a home and would like a complimentary energy audit, please contact me. I’m happy to work with you to purchase a home and provide value added service! 

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