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Frequently Asked Questions

Why My Local News?

There are others creating news local news sites however we believe our approach to be different. Simply put we create and constantly adapt the “back end” software so that anyone can publish a newsletter with very little effort using our platform.

Is there any cost to create a site?


No, the costs are all paid for by the advertisers who would like to reach local customers.

What levels of involvement are there with a community website?


Some readers simply see posts that interest them on Face Book and will then subscribe to our weekly newsletter. Building a list is important in that each subscriber has the opportunity to scan over all of the news for the week in an email. Subscribers will sometimes then become contributors and will submit articles for publication through our online form. The next step us is for contributors to become authors which allows them to login to the back end and post articles 24/7 under their personal byline. Next comes the Editor who runs a particular site and checks that the authors are contributing engaging material.

How is the weekly newsletter sent out?


Each newsletter automatically sent out every week at the same time to the subscribers on that list.   The content comes from any post made on the site within the previous week. A subscriber can opt out of receiving a newsletter anytime by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter.

How is social media involved?


Every post is immediately posted to the site, Facebook & Twitter. The real advantage of posting to our site versus simply posting on social media direct is that a shortened URL link is included at the beginning of each post which brings the reader back to the full post. This is extremely important in relaying a message that can’t be written in just a few characters or is full of media rich content.

What about video posts?


Video post links are becoming increasingly popular and we will include when available. The video links are imbedded in the site so that the reader does not need to leave the site to watch.



Is it hard to become an author and post?


There is a learning curve in any new software. Our site is built on Word Press which is an extremely popular platform. An author would simply login go to New Post, type in a headline and the body of the article, upload a featured image and then Publish.

I am already publishing content to my site why should I post to My Local News as well?


Engagement is key to being seen and heard on all social media platforms. We simply help you spread your message further than you could alone. Great content is critical to engagement.

Are there ways to make monies on the site?


Many authors will charge local business to write business profiles describing their unique products and services.   This is a win-win in that the articles usually have much more impact than a display add and the business can use the materials in their blog posts as well.


Please let us know your question and we will post it on our FAQ page. Editor(@)mylocalnews.us

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Great content will always be critical to success on any social media platform.