Are you Feeling a Nudge to Make a Bigger Difference?

Are you Feeling a Nudge to Make a Bigger Difference?

It seems like more and more people are feeling an invitation to make a change in their work! They say I want to assist people more, I want to do something rewarding, I want to feel excited about the difference I am making.

This nagging often results in a new career. That is why I developed the Spirit Centered Coaching Certification Program. A Coach can make a big difference in joining with another person to assist them to achieve huge goals, live happier and healthier with more success in relationships and career! It is so rewarding to have a client say “You changed my life! I couldn’t have done it without you!” “My relationship is so much better, I feel so much better!” “I love my new job!”

Are you feeling the nudge? Is this something you have had as a “maybe some time” dream? If so this may be the time to get started. Most people earn their certification while they are still employed at their current job-it is very doable and lots of support is provided! Coaching can be part of any profession and just help you to be powerfully effective in what you already do!

A new group of coaches will begin their program very soon. Below is the info for you to consider if this is for you. I would value having a conversation with you-whether or not this is the time to start. I promise you that you will get clarity on where you are now in your personal career or work even if coaching is not for you right now.

I know my mission is to help many people make a big impact on helping people to live happier, more fulfilling and successful lives! If this is you contact me:


Dynamic Life Coaching Academy

Check off which of the following apply to you:

  • You’d like to have more freedom and flexibility with your client. (While earning a great income.)
  • You want your client to get even better, deeper, and longer lasting results.
  • You’d like to be more fulfilled, have more fun, and enjoy your work more.
  • You dream about waking up excited to begin your day rather than feeling stressed and pressured.
  • You sense it’s time for a change in your work (But you’re not sure what that change could be.)
  • You’re feeling the limitations of taking insurance.
  • You value including your energy techniques and spiritual connection with your clients and patients.

If you checked one or more of these statements, becoming a Spirit Centered Coach could be just what you’re looking for!

Thanks for this, Sheran!  Had my first session with my former client last eve and it went great!  Am so appreciative to you for your great wisdom and resources–I love coaching!  Thanks for helping to foster that!” Dr. Jennifer, former psychologist

Why would you want to become a coach?

Coaching is a fast growing profession that allows you to make a powerful impact in people’s lives.

Coaching can be integrated within a current career or be a profitable full time or part time business.

  • Coaching allows more flexibility and freedom in your work.
  • You can be more fulfilled because you have more control over your schedule.
  • You can totally move out of the insurance: Coaches typically charge between $100-250 an hour.
  • Coaching does not have the restrictions of location-phone, Skype, Face Book-international clientele.
  • Easily incorporate energy techniques you use yourself in a system that is unique to you.

Why I Created the Spirit Centered Coaching Certification Program

Coaching is a calling for me not just a career. I had a vision of creating this program for many years. I know there are many people who are seeking spiritual and emotional support. And there are many who have gifts to share with the world-they are just looking for the support to do the work.

My over 30+ years as a credentialed Career Coach, Master Trainer, Certifications in Coaching, Facilitation, Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique, Pranic Healing, Change Management with a Doctorate in Spiritual Psychology and a Masters in Education, has prepared me well to offer this program.

There are a variety of coaching certification programs throughout the world. I created The Spirit Centered Coaching Certification program to fill the gap that teaches the fundamentals of setting up a successful coaching business, integrating spirituality and energy psychology to build on participants’ current strengths!

Could Spirit Centered Coach Certification be a good next step for you?

Have you ever considered changing your practice, starting a new career or just adding to your skill set?

I’m happy to help you take a look at your business goals and possibilities and explore with you whether Spirit Centered Coach Certification is a good fit for you now.

Contact me for a 20-minute Exploratory Conversation. Determine whether you are ready to begin a new business or integrate coaching into what you already do.

480-326-7023 or


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