It’s a big word with a lot of emotions attached to it. Is being dependent on people you love fair enough for us ? I feel it can choke our own breathing space, I don’t know, I am not so sure but, I have that feeling inside me that after a certain period of care thing, you become a sack of expectations, too heavy and too much at the same time.
I feel love is good until it doesn’t kills your own skills. I am in love with someone, but that person never tried to restrict my choices, he never directly encouraged me to  be better at my skills but then he never pulled me back from them too,
but there is still so much i have left behind, not because he asked me to be like that but may be because i got lazy enough at  my responsibilities towards ME. It was me who ignored myself in my case, I got dependent enough for my happiness in the outer world, that i got unaware of the storm inside me.What I mean is before loving someone else we need to love ourselves first, That’s the real catch!

Okay I know its not my experience game going over here but, isn’t it true that all of us leave something behind just to prioritize that one person ?
Is that feeling of love so pure and real that we are ready to keep the other emotions and feelings and even dreams on stake ? And no for those who say, “love is something who don’t let you fade away yourself and brings the best out of you”, peace out guys!
Yes love brings the best out of you for sure, don’t let you fade away yourself but but but this is all because it creates a whole new YOU in process of all this that you don’t even realize what you actually wanted to be, and you become this whole love and expectations dependent person who is unaware of the real self urging.
You know I feel that a person is more near to him/her self during sad times instead of happy times, because  sad times, we usually avoid conversations and be with our self and we unfold a  lot of mysteries about us, the ones we never knew before about ourselves. But happy times be like snapchatting, whatsapping, facebooking, twittering, etc. I mean all the dramatic shit becomes online with snapshots saying FEELING LOVED WITH THIS AND THAT, we try to seek attention from people but we never give that piece of attention to ourselves.
Do we try to convince ourselves that OKAY BRO I AM FEELING HAPPY…. What ? Like seriously ? Is that left over happiness in todays world ?
Okay keep thinking about it but not drifting from the core topic, DEPENDENCY… so what are we guys ? Dependent shits ? Some time on people and sometime on social sites… and where are WE?
Storing the dreams somewhere in the subconscious part of our brain, leaving our own potential behind in the race of loving someone…
Are we even living for ourselves ?
Or loving is living ?
I am sure we are never going to find the exact right thing but at least we can find the happiness within ourselves without being dependent on anyone for it.

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