We would like to become the local newspaper of yesteryear with a contemporary digital platform that delivers “home town” news that is relevant and informative to you the subscriber.  Where great content is a higher priority than flash and “real news” means unbiased accounts of what is going on in your community. 

This is a grass roots movement and we need community journalists just like you.  We welcome you not only as a subscriber but also as a potential article contributor.  Topics might local news, events, opinions, politics, education, foodie reviews, sports, real estate, business profiles and much more. 

Our Citizen Journalism project began in Arizona (which we hope you will explore) and now, with your help, we are looking to expand our innovative news platform to cities and towns throughout the United States. Please take the time to register your home town thus showing your support. 

If your ready to begin contributing articles the process is fast, easy and free. Simply register as a Contributor and your are ready to start writing. Our contributor content is reviewed prior to publication by our team of editors and fact checked when possible.  We also clearly label Contributor Opinions as such.  

If you have the same passion for local news that we do please reach out to us and consider using our platform to publish your own community newsletter.  For those that would like to have an article written about their business or organization our journalists are now available to write custom Sponsored Content Articles

Thank you for taking the time to read this introduction to My Local News and we hope that you will spend some time exploring our site.

Joseph Lewis