When it comes to precious advertising dollars it is hard, in today’s media rich world, to know how to spend them wisely. We are not going to tell you we know it all because frankly the game board keeps changing players. Hell the whole game keeps changing sometimes it would seem overnight.  We can tell you one thing for certain which is that in our opinion social media advertising can and should be a better solution for small businesses than print.  If for no other reason than the results are quantifiable.  “CPC” or cost per click is a great tool and at My Local News we use it every day to help Arizona organizations and businesses get the very most out of their advertising budget.

What is the secret sauce?  We have tried it all and will continue to as the latest and greatest arrives on our doorstep.  In the meantime we will continue spending over $7,000 a month “Boosting” clients My Local News Posts on Facebook.  The reason is that we know how to target potential customers and are continuously getting the lowest CPC.  Facebook continuously ranks us in the 99% of ad effectiveness and engagement.  One of the reasons for this is that we are boosting our customers posts through My Local News rather than them trying to do the same themselves.

Now 100% of your “Boost” monies are paid to Facebook.

PLEASE NOTE: You must reference an article that is already published by My Local News for it to be boosted.  Learn more about our Sponsored Content Article program.

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