Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the author / contributor links?

On the top menu bar of every page are all of the author links.

Why is the article submittal form not visible?

You must be registered as a My Local News contributor and logged in for the article submittal form to show.

Are my articles published under my own name?

Yes, after you register and login you will have access to your personal profile where you can see and edit your byline name, photo and bio information.  You will also have access to your personal dashboard where you will be able to see and edit every article you publish on My Local News. 

What type of content are your readers looking for?

We love publishing your local news, events, articles, news releases, foodie reviews reviews, advice columns, opinions, non-profit events and more. However we ask that it is written in such a way as to engage our readers. We also ask that your article be a minimum of 300 words so that it trends well on Google searches. There is no maximum length. Please also check out our Editor’s Pics to get an idea of we find above and beyond the norm. 

How do you decide what to publish?

We review all news article submittals and gauge them against our news values and guidelines. If your article is selected, it may be edited for quality, clarity and appearance, then posted to the applicable state site.

What about your social media presence?

Your punished article will also be posted on Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler, Redit, Stumble upon and variety of other social media sites. We encourage you to share your published articles and encourage your friends to do so as well.

How can I get even more readers, customers etc. to see my article?

If you would like even more eyeballs on your article please check out our Facebook “Boost”, advertising program.  We never charge a transaction fee to Boost an Article on Facebook. This means that 100% of your monies go towards the Boost.

How do I go about posting an Event?

If you would like to submit an event for one of our community calendars please follow this link.

If I am a Realtor® and am interested in advertising a listing where would I find out more information?

Please follow this link for information on our Interactive Listing Ads.

Where do I find out more information about “Paid Content”?

If you would like to create a custom post to market your business or organization to our subscribers we now have the perfect opportunity for you. Paid Content articles give you the ability to market your product or service in detail, include photos, embed videos and there is no limit to the length of the post. 

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