Bad Pot (Opinion Column)

Bad Pot (Opinion Column)

Phoenix, by Corey Miller

On Friday May 20th circa 10am Mr. Billy B. Hayes Jr. was taken into state custody for doing essentially what dozens of Arizonans do on a daily basis. Yet, for all the blunder and growing pains the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act of 2010 has brought our Great State, one thing for sure grief is surely among them.
Since the laws inception sentiments of denial of its existence, harsh reprimands from legal venues throughout the state have been echoed over the years and yes it has claimed a sure number of victims. In Tucson Paula Huff, Kyle Catlin and now in Phoenix Billy Hayes.
For years now State officials and local municipalities have been cashing in on the green industry flourishing within the state on both sides of the argument. On one side you have local law enforcement seizing, apprehending and continuously fining patients simply because they show a medical marijuana card during law enforcement altercation. Then you have the Department of health and human services cashing in on patient cards and dispensary applications over time has surmounted to millions in profit for the state while affording no privilege or protections to those individuals who are duly enrolled in the states program. This simple fact can be proven by reading the back of a patient registration card for yourself and it clearly states no rights are afforded.
Now this year Arizona is faced yet with another green challenge. This battle is for the very soul of cannabis in the state as we know it. By far Arizona is one of the most expensive cannabis programs in the country. Our question now is will those costs rise? Will this program as hard as it has been turn into a completely impossible situation? In time the answers we seek will be delivered and as always in grand style in the AZ someone will be going to jail!

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