Aisle Petal Treatment

Aisle Petal Treatment

One of my favorite custom design features that I get to add to a couple’s dream day is the Pinterest popular aisle petal treatment. This coveted design defines that special walk that brings two people together. These petal treatments can be done in so many different ways and we love to customize it just for you. Need some inspiration? We’ll give you some below!

The Dusting Treatment

For the bride that wants to walk down the aisle in a sea of petals, the dusting treatment is for you! We base the dispersement of our petals on your vision, which we’ve found can be chosen from four different levels; light, medium, heavy and blanket. Then we order rose petal packs that will satisfy the distribution style you want. See below for examples of light to blanket (left to right).


The Pattern Styles

Patterning your aisle with petals is an incredibly unique and completely customizable tradition to give your ceremony a romantic and intimate feel, but there’s more than one way to do it! From a scroll in the center of the aisle to lining the sides, colorful patches to give a textile feel, rose petals or candles lining the path. You can also do any of these designs in an ombre style – a gradual color change light to dark or vise versa. See a few different styles below.


The Final Touches

After you select the stunning design you would like, there is one more option you can choose. From the hundreds of aisles that we have designed, sprinkling a few stunning blooms or seeds just over top your petals gives it such a personal and customized touch. From lilies, to orchid blooms to lavender seeds, these give your aisle the beauty and dimension that transforms your ascent to the ceremony space.

We would love to help design the aisle of your dreams! Call Melissa Lewis – Table Tops Etc. at our studio to schedule an appointment, (602) 252-2966, or you can call our Oregon studio at (503) 899-4050.

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