Why doesn’t cable TV buffer?

Why doesn’t cable TV buffer?

All of us have experienced buffering at some point while dealing with a sluggish internet connection that is too slow to download a certain amount of data required to play a video. This is a common problem faced during online video streaming and if occurs frequently, it can kill the whole watching experience. Imagine watching your favorite show and while you are indulged in it, it starts buffering causing a hurdle to a smooth video playing. It might reach a point where you would just want to close your streaming app or think of watching it later.

The irony is that buffering can be minimized but it might not be possible to avoid it completely. We all have tried pausing the video for a while, reducing the number of devices attached to your internet or even lowering the video quality, and honestly – it does work at times. But the issue persists, the main remedy is to get a faster internet connection capable of handling online video streaming. Having said that, the buffering issue is related to the internet, and guess what – cable TV is always buffering free! Imagine the peace while being a Spectrum cable TV user for instance and not to have any buffering problems while watching all your favorite TV shows or movies on your desirable channels. The infrastructure of cable TV is capable of supporting data smoothly. You can always research well before subscribing to a particular plan.

Internet bandwidth is affected by compression, decompression, bandwidth allocation, etc. When it comes to cable TV, it makes use of a certain spectrum range.  More often, a set-top box is provided by cable TV providers for encoding and decoding purposes. The moment you turn on your TV, you can wander through hundreds of channels without any lags. The internet works in a complicated mechanism and there are a lot of factors involved simultaneously when we are using the internet for watching videos or movies.

Ever since the introduction of online streaming services, there has been strong competition between cable TV and streaming services. Though everything can be personalized on the internet when it comes to watching video content, cable TV offers regular broadcasts and live content. You are not concerned about any buffering or speed issues when watching cable TV.

One of the reasons for cable TV services being free from buffering issues is the fact that there is no rewind or forward when you are watching it unless you have some recording device offered by your provider. Generally speaking, when we are watching our cable TV channels, we are receiving whatever is being sent at that moment. This is not the case with the internet. While video streaming online, we can say that every user has his path through which the video is being received. You can rewind or forward it.

At times, the video might stop playing because of lagging internet speeds or any hardware issues. Thus, we face buffering while using the internet. The video might pause for a while and start playing again. Even if you are using a faster internet connection, there is no guarantee that you will not experience any buffering issues. That is because this is quite a routine problem while accessing the internet during peak hours when everyone is using data. While using cable TV, there is no concept of rush times or slowing signal transmission. You switch on your TV, grab the remote and start watching whatever you want.

The Bottom Line

As the aforementioned discussion suggests, cable TV is a much reliable option when it comes to buffering concerns as compared to the online video streaming platforms. This is primarily because of the fluctuating internet speed that hinders the video streaming at times. Repeated buffering can be a nuisance and ruin your video watching experience. So if you want to avoid such hiccups while watching your much-awaited TV shows, it is better to go for cable TV subscriptions and reconsider your cord-cutting decision. This is why we see people more comfortable with this conventional mode of access to entertainment rather than getting on the streaming service bandwagon.

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