Why Cyber-Threat Should Never Be Taken For Granted in 2019?

Why Cyber-Threat Should Never Be Taken For Granted in 2019?

Cyber-threat is increasing on a daily basis and is becoming one of the major concerns for individual households and businesses because both the entities carry information which is crucial and not to be shared publically. Companies intend to stay ahead of the threats as they cannot afford to disrupt their operations. Therefore, they avail the services offered by cyber-threat hunters. Cyber-threat hunters are experts at detecting, isolating and proactively neutralizing threats that can harm the business and its profitability.

The Importance of Cyber-Threat Hunting

Cyber-threat hunting is an integral part of the cyber intelligence industry and its incorporation in your business would give your company a competitive edge over other companies in the market by enhancing your company’s ability to detect and tackle threats before they attack your firm. The implementation of the cyber-threat hunter department in your organization would allow you to mitigate the potential risks that can be harmful to you and your business.

Key Responsibilities of Cyber-Threat Hunters

Most of the time, security professionals take the 80/20 rule into account to minimize the cyber-attacks because 80% of the threats are less sophisticated and are easy to tackle while the remaining 20% are more advanced and need enhanced security tools and techniques to deal with. Some threats are so advanced in nature that the usual security programs fail to detect them. Therefore cyber-threat hunters look for these deadly threats and aim to neutralize them before they attack your enterprise. These treats are well-planned and usually posed internally, for instance; an employee of the company might be leaking crucial information to the competitors, or externally, for example; a criminal organization willing to hack the finance department of the organization. In addition to this, cyber-threat hunters mitigate the risks of getting attacked by eliminating the vulnerabilities of your company. This is done by collecting and analyzing the data and looking for trends pertaining to the security environment of your organization in order to predict future attacks and preparing for them in advance.

It is worth mentioning the fact that cyber-threat hunters are not responsible for the incidents and threats that have already plagued the organization. Although they may help resolve the issue, they certainly cannot be held accountable for the problems that might arise due to a previous attack on the company.

Tools and Techniques Used By Cyber-Threat Hunters

Cyber-threat hunters use a variety of software and tools to detect any unusual behavior in the system that may indicate a sign of malicious activity. Some of the tools and techniques used by cyber-threat hunters are as follows:

·       Security Monitoring Instruments

When it comes to the security of an organization, cyber-threat hunters use all sorts of tools and instruments that can facilitate in detecting threats. Solutions like Firewall, Network Security Programs, Anti-Virus software, and other safety applications are used and implemented to get rid of any virus that might be harmful to the company.

·       SIEM Techniques

SIEM stands for Security Information and Event Management techniques which are used to collect and analyze information regarding the internal structure of the company. Gathering information and data from within the company allows cyber-threat hunters to know the organization better which further helps in revealing hidden security threats to the company.

·        Analytical Tools

Cyber-threat hunters use two different kinds of analytical tools, statistical software, and intelligence software. Statistical tools use patterns rather than using a defined set of rules and regulations that find odd and unusual behavior in the organization. On the other hand, intelligence software takes into account regional data and provides charts and interactive graphs for better illustration of the results.

Security and protection companies develop and implement powerful defenses to keep online criminals away from your business and home network. However, cyber-criminals also work hard and they continue to look for opportunities to hack into your network in order to steal away your private data. The threat of being hacked has increased even more due to the Internet of Things as they have access to all the online resources available on the World Wide Web. To protect yourself from cyber-criminals, you can also avail the services of a service provider which offers protection suite to its customers. Click here to get an internet service plan that comes with a complete security suite along with high-speed connectivity. Technology is without a doubt a wondrous creation of mankind but it can be equally dangerous as well.

Therefore, you need to take cyber-threat seriously and use even stronger security measures to protect yourself from such dangerous threats.

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