Why Cornet Barcelona Wine Glasses Make the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Why Cornet Barcelona Wine Glasses Make the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift
Raise a glass to Spanish Culture

A Mother’s Day gift should reflect the heartfelt love you feel for your mom. Inspired by the colorful and mesmerizing stained-glass windows from the Sagrada Familia Basilica, Cornet Barcelona wine glasses are a true sentiment of your appreciation for mom.

These glasses are the perfect selection for the mom who is a history buff, likes to travel, enjoys fine art and culture as well as wine. Cornet Barcelona’s wine glasses are a piece of art to treasure, showcasing a touch of Spain.

1. Cornet Barcelona glasses are a sentimental tribute to mothers 

The name Cornet Barcelona is derived from the architect of the Sagrada Familia mother’s surname. Whether mom is pouring Pinot or Merlot, the spectacular colors of the Sagrada Collection will be showcased. Inspired by the basilica’s stained-glass windows, the red and golden hues shimmer and glow. From formal dinners to casual nights, these glasses will heighten her wine experience and fill her with love.

2. These glasses are an investment in quality

Cornet Barcelona’s glasses are more than half full of rich history and culture. These one-of-a-kind wine glasses are mouthblown and handcrafted by dedicated artists. These masterpieces raise the bar on traditional, plain glassware, making this mom’s sipping staple.

The glasses are elegant but durable to withstand chips or scratches from everyday use. Other flimsy store-bought glasses will not withstand the test of time. Cornet Barcelona’s glasses will hold-up, so she will be able to treasure them for years to come.

3. There is robust culture behind these glasses

Cornet Barcelona presents their glasses in a black gift box and silky lining to build your recipient’s anticipation.  Your gift is carefully packaged to protect it, arriving in perfect condition on your doorstep.

Nearly 10,000 Five-star reviews have shared stories about how friends and family were thrilled to receive their Cornet Barcelona glasses, specifically evoking fond memories of past trips to Barcelona or falling in love immediately with their beauty. Cornet Barcelona’s dedicated customer service, also offers easy returns, a 90-day money back guarantee, and a 1-year warranty so you feel confident in choosing them for your mother.

This year, Mother’s Day can be the start of raising a special glass while toasting fond memories with a stunning gift from Cornet Barcelona. Their wine glasses will be a perfect way to encapsulate your appreciation for your mother’s passion and love with a special connection to history. 

About Cornet Barcelona’s Sagrada Glassware:

The Sagrada collection is inspired by the timeless beauty of the stained-glass windows of the Sagrada Familia Basilica, that are meant to bring joy, delight, peace, and happiness—values that should be embraced and cherished—just as the basilica has done for millions.

Each piece in the Sagrada glassware is individually mouth-blown and made by steady hands so that each is unique and distinctly beautiful. They are masterfully shaped and hand-painted by seasoned artists of the craft using traditional methods. After being crafted to the ideal shape, each luxury wine glass is painstakingly hand-painted with unparalleled attention to detail. The result is a one-of-a-kind piece of art with a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of rich color that adds picture-perfect sophistication and beauty to any conversation.

For information about Cornet Barcelona’s Sagrada collection of glassware, visit https://www.cornetbarcelona.com/.

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