To the Brim

To the Brim

There are many reasons why we come here. My two are this – 1. AZ88 Chicken Sandwich and 2. Martinis.


If those two items don’t intrigue you then this article simple isn’t for you. BUT if it does then welcome to one of the greatest finds in the Scottsdale area. Welcome to AZ88, the hottest (at least in my opinion) restaurant located in the Civic Center right by Old Town Scottsdale. Not only is this place a unique and exciting dining experience but also a great place to impress those out-of-towners or take your partner for a fun and delicious dinner. For starters – let me share that this restaurant is special in the sense that there is always something going on. Whether it be an amazing art installation from a local artist in Arizona displayed in the center of the restaurant and walls or a DJ playing some great tunes from up above, you are never disappointed in the ambiance of the space.

Now let’s talk food, which by the way, everything on the menu is pretty f*cking good so you can’t go wrong with whatever your taste buds are feeling that day. That said, there is one item that I cherish amongst all the rest and that, my friends, is the AZ88 Chicken Sandwich! It goes basically like this – take a tasty bun, some tender chicken breasts grilled in spicy buffalo sauce, and topped with sautéed celery and bleu cheese dressing and there you have it. Calling all hot wing fanatics – this is the sandwich for you. Not only is it a simple and tasty meal, but all items are made in-house and the freshness is just off-the-charts. As for other items on the menu, some of my other go-to favorites are the Burger Au Poivre II (basically a blue cheeseburger dolled up and delicious), the Grilled Vegetables (a simple yet tasty meal for those who aren’t too keen on meat), and the All-American Grilled Cheese. Let’s also not forget the key appetizer item – being the Water Chestnut’s which are marinated in teriyaki and wrapped in Nueske’s bacon from Wisconsin. Served on cucumber and radish slices with a honey dip. Can you say TASTY!


Of course, you must pair all of this delicious food with their most popular and most sold item – a martini! Now, if you are not a martini fan or have never dipped your toes in the world of martinis then this is the place to give it a second go or try one for the first time. With an assortment of liquors, flavors, and strengths – there certainly is a martini for everyone. My personal top three choices are as follow: A classic Dirty Vodka Martini (I ask for them Filthy so that it has more of a salty, brine flavor), a Cosmopolitan, and an Espresso Martini. Regardless of what you select, you are in for a treat with the presentation, the taste, and the excitement of sipping a delicious cocktail in such a fun and exciting scene.


Regardless of if you’re coming for after-work cocktails or doing a sit-down dinner – your experience at AZ88 will not only be amazing, but also having you coming back time and time again! 



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