Things To Do While You Are Stuck At Home!!!

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Okay, so right now we are all stuck in our homes.  Nobody really knows how long this will last. Whatever are you going to do with yourself?  Here are some helpful suggestions. These are good whether you have a family or roommates or are by yourself.  They will get you started, then you can come up with more ideas on your own.

Spend Time Catching Up


Whether it is your spouse, your children, or friends on the Internet, use this time to really talk to them.  Get to know them again. If it is someone you haven’t talked to in a while, message them and make their day special.  With social media sites this is easy. If you do not have access to social media, try calling them or writing a physical letter (aka snail mail.)  This is a wonderful opportunity to communicate with others.

Play Games!!


Many people have board games in their home.  There are also games on the Internet or games you can play with your body such as charades.  Another thing to do is make up a game you can play while watching a movie or a television show.  You can even set aside a specific time of the day for games. There are so many options if you think about it.  

Enjoy Meals Together


In today’s ultra-busy society, it is rare for people to be able to sit down and enjoy meals together.  Now is the opportunity to do this. Perhaps take turns making each person’s favorite dish or dessert. Make the preparation of the meals a group event or have it be a surprise by an individual to the group.  Then savor the meal instead of rushing through it. Fantastic!! 

Read More Often


Are there some books in your private collection you haven’t read in a long time?  How about browsing through the eBook selections on the Internet? People can learn so much by reading.  This is the perfect time to do that.

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