The Normalization of Plastic Surgery

The Normalization of Plastic Surgery


In today’s world plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures has become an integral part in women’s lives and there’s been a notable social shift in the way people view plastic surgery.

Women of all ages and economic backgrounds are getting plastic surgery and it is getting significantly more common to get cosmetic surgery in recent years. In fact, Americans spent around $16 billion on cosmetic surgery in 2016 according to An American Society of Plastic Surgeons report. Also in that year, there was 1.7 million cosmetic surgical procedures and that is not including cosmetic minimally invasive procedures. Those are procedures like lip fillers and wrinkle treatment injections. There were 15.4 million cosmetic minimally-invasive procedures.

Scottsdale Plastics’ plastic surgeon Dr. Robert G. Bonillas gave some insight on younger girls going under the knife and plastic surgery addiction.

Dr. Bonillas has been a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for 18 years now and has a passion for helping people improve their lives. 

“I don’t believe the number plastic surgeries has increased and I don’t think younger girls have gotten under the knife more but have seeked other procedures,” Dr. Bonillas said.

Plastic surgery is a medical practice where surgeons fix deformities. It started in World War 1 and was used to reconstruct people’s faces and bodies due to war injuries. Dr. Bonillas chose plastic surgery to help people. Dr. Bonillas also talks about patients who have been addicted to plastic surgery.

“I’ve had a few patients that have been addicted to plastic surgery. I’ve dealt with it a few times,” said Dr.Bonillas. “and how I deal with it, I sit down with them and tell them I’m not comfortable with doing any more procedures.”

As for procedures gone wrong Dr. Bonillas says he’s had a lot of those and thinks every doctor surgeon goes through them. “With every doctor surgeon there will always be something that goes wrong and patients understand that something can go wrong so yes I’ve definitely dealt with procedures that have gone wrong,” Dr. Bonillas said.

Rosario Cazares 40, from Avondale, Arizona and mother of two kids got a breast augmentation a couple years ago. She gives her reasoning on why she decided to get this surgery.

“I was small I was a 34b and then once I had my kids with breast feeding your breasts change and I just didn’t like the look of them afterwards so I decided I was gonna do an augmentation”

Eliana Celaya, 28  from Tolleson, Arizona explains why she got plastic surgery and other procedures.

 “I drove to Mexico and had a breast enhancement a liposuction and a Brazilian butt lift, I was always over weight. I didn’t like my body I was really plain with small boobs and I had saggy skin,” Celaya said.

Plastic surgery over the years has become more mainstream and it is more accessible to all kinds of people instead of rich and famous people. The average cost of a breast implant surgery went down by three percent. Also the price for plastic surgery in Mexico is significantly smaller.

“If I went back in time I would 100 percent have still done it but I would have done it earlier. I didn’t do it earlier because I didn’t have the money until last year when I finally did it because my boyfriend paid for it.” Celaya said.

Social media and exposure to celebrities has impacted the way plastic surgery is perceived. “I think younger girls are starting to go under the knife more because of Instagram and stuff like that I always see Instagram models that have the same face because of lip and cheek fillers,” Celaya said.

Every woman has their own reasoning for getting cosmetic surgery and have different reactions with the results. “I feel a lot sexier but if I went back in time I would probably get a tummy tuck instead,” Cazares said.

Celaya givers her stance on other women getting plastic surgery, “If you have the money and if you really need it do it, it builds your confidence. It has helped me with my job as a waitress,” Celaya said.

Plastic surgery is a societal issue and plastic surgeons acknowledge it. Women get plastic surgery because they want to fix the physical part of themselves as well as the emotional part.

“I don’t have a problem with younger girls or older women getting plastic surgery,” said Dr. Boniilas. “Sometimes we’re born with our bodies and faces a certain way and if people want to do something to their own bodies I am okay with that.”


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