The Healthy Alternative to ‘Vaping’

The Healthy Alternative to ‘Vaping’

ASU students are all familiar with JUUL’s after it being on the market for just over a year. They flocked towards it’s small glowing light like moths to a flame for its ease of use and sleek appearance.


But now nicotine addiction is being considered an epidemic amongst teens in the United States and it’s presence still hasn’t diminished on our campuses. The need to huff and puff a USB drive is ingrained into their bodies chemistry.


But MONQ is a personal aromatherapy diffuser company that is creating the same experience through a more healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes than nicotine cartridges. Their secret is essential oils.


MONQ is the healthy alternative to smoking JUUL’s because it uses all natural ingredients while still giving students the same vaping sensations without the health impairments and nicotine addiction.


Flavored cigarettes are the biggest trend in the e-cigarette industry amongst young people. According to a study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, over 9 out of every 10 young adults use flavored e-cigarettes.


The FDA is even considering banning such flavored e-cigarettes, or at least curtailing sales through the ways they are marketed according to a statement they released in September.


So why stay on an unhealthy sinking ship when soon enough, you may not even have access to the flash drive you love so dearly?


MONQ is capitalizing on this in a fresh way that pleases many through an aesthetically appealing cartridge that lights up on the end during inhalation, 13 aroma blends to help users feel the way they want and the vaporizer technology that young adults are so familiar with.


Aromatherapy can boost health and wellbeing by stimulating nose and brain cell activity. Each essential oil contains terpenes, which is equivalent to the “dank,” or potent, smell of weed.


These terpenes are known to help engage brain cells to make a person feel specific ways which can be very beneficial to students.


For example, aromatherapists have found that rosemary and peppermint stimulate the parts of the brain that help studying and concentration, while lemon and grapefruit essential oils can assist in making one feel more awake for morning classes.


ASU even offered a one-time class this past august called “Fall In Love With Aromatherapy” to try to teach students how to use essential oils and create blends that are beneficial to emotional, physical or spiritual wellness.


Aromatherapy is already on college campuses. It just hasn’t made it to student’s mouths just yet.


Although it seems pretentious to me to smoke or vape at all just because it is becoming a social trend, I think that if you are already an active participant in the bandwagon, why not do so in a manner that isn’t harmful to your body.


For health conscious students, MONQ’s are “free of nicotine and tobacco, GMOs and artificial ingredients and are 100% organic and vegan,” as they are composed of 20% pure essential oils and 80% organic coconut-derived vegetable glycerin.


Keep in mind that MONQ’s are not the most economic choice, considering it’s $20 per diffuser or $18 for a surprise blend once a month subscription. Each diffuser contains 200-250 breaths which if used correctly can last the consumer up to a month, according to the website.


If a student is going to “smoke” anything in the first place, they should consider the health risks, or pay for someone else to think of that for them; invest in a MONQ and throw away the JUUL’s.

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