Texas A&M University Proves AVERZION Prevents Cockroach Infestations

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AVERZION, a revolutionary pest control technology that uses a one-time, clear coat formula to stop scorpions from entering any structure, has been proven effective against cockroaches by Texas A&M University researchers.

Phillip Shults, a research associate of Texas A&M University studying under Dr. Ed Vargo, completed a series of testing to determine if the American cockroach, Oriental cockroach, or Turkistan cockroach could climb a structure coated with AVERZION. The coating effectively impaired the climbing abilities of all three roach species.

 “In our laboratory trials, AVERZION was successful in impeding the ability of scorpions to climb vertical surfaces,” said Shults. “We have expanded these tests to include cockroaches and have seen similar results. These cockroaches attempted to climb the AVERZION treated surface but were unable to find sufficient footing to support their body weight.”

 This finding gives homeowners a safe, non-toxic way to rid their homes of cockroaches – which carry a variety of diseases. Common pest control practices to reduce cockroach populations include chemical insecticides, sealing treatments, baits, and even insect growth regulators which act as a form of birth control and prevent roach populations from growing. Now, AVERZION is available as an integrated pest management product to prevent cockroaches from crawling up walls and entering homes.

 When roaches travel through substrates contaminated with human pathogens, bacteria, fungi, and mold, these disease-causing agents are picked up on their legs and spread to humans when infestations occur. Bacteria such as salmonella, E. coli, and staphylococcus aureus have been identified on cockroach legs. Diseases are spread when roaches contaminate food sources or come into contact with kitchen or bathroom surfaces. The saliva and fecal matter of roaches can also cause health issues. For some people, a protein found in these bodily secretions can trigger asthma or cause allergic reactions, characterized by sneezing, coughing, or itchy eyes. These dangerous impacts on human health are why pest control for cockroaches is extremely important.

 “We are excited that our revolutionary product has been proven to not only protect families against venomous scorpions, but now disease-spreading cockroaches,” said AVERZION co-founders Tony Gonzales and Aaron Gonzales. “Our product is effective against many crawling pests and we look forward to sharing the results of this research as the testing processes continue.”

 AVERZION, a pesticide-free formula, is applied to the base of a home or office’s exterior, hardening to create a glasslike surface that pests cannot climb due to the slickness. The clear coat application does not discolor the home or building and is barely visible.

To learn how to have AVERZION applied to your home or office and for the latest updates, visit www.averzion.com or follow on Facebook.

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