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Now that Arizona businesses are reopening, it is so important that the public support them.  Not just for the sake of those merchants, but for the communities they live in.  When a local business does well, money earned will flow throughout the community.  Business owners profit, employees can pay their bills and spend money in that community, plus their tax money helps the community.  So how can you support these businesses?  Read the rest of this article to find out.   



Fill Open Positions There 


So, what does this mean?  An unfortunate occurrence of the pandemic is that people are not returning to their jobs.  Many have discovered they can get more money from unemployment than they were making at work.  Therefore, they are not coming back.  This results in these local businesses being under-staffed and finding it difficult to take care of customers.  If you know any merchants suffering in this way, strongly consider applying for positions there.  Not only will you help that business, but you will also have a good job and will prosper. 



Spend Money with These Merchants 


Whether it is a restaurant, a retail store, a service-oriented business, or whatever, visit the business and spend money there as often as you can.  Encourage friends and neighbors to do the same.  In this still-difficult time, everybody is feeling the effects of the recently ended shutdown.  Not only will doing this help that business to survive, but it will also give you a chance to get out and socialize at the same time. 



Do This Respectfully 


What does that mean?  In this post-shutdown Arizona economy, it is important to follow health guidelines to keep everyone safe.  Maintain social distancing requirements, avoid shaking hands right now, wear masks if it is requested of you, things like that.  You are not solely doing these things for yourself, but out of respect for other people.  Even if you don’t really believe these health measures are effective, your neighbors might.  Therefore, be respectful and considerate of them.  Everyone will be happy if you do this.   

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