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I’m sure you’ve seen the bike share bikes around Tempe….

Tempe City Council has gotten 15-20+ emails over the last month regarding the bike share bikes being left in random places. In response, I (and other council members) have asked staff to see what could be done. I’ve also met with all three companies.  After much discussion and debate, here is what makes the most sense to me, but to be fair, this is still an idea in development, so let me know your thoughts by emailing me at [email protected]

BIKE SHARE RULES (My Suggestions…)
1. Companies operating bike share must geo-fence* the city with places you can, and cannot, park bikes.
2. If you park a bike in a non-fly zone you get fined by the bike company a fee by the phone app. ($2?)
3. The company then remits that fee to the city each quarter to the City of Tempe.
4. Tempe uses those fees to add more bike racks in the city.
5. Bikes that were never associated with an account, but moved while locked (such as picked up and toss in the lake) will be picked up and moved by the responsible company with 48 hours of getting a call from a resident, or the city or be fined $25.
6. Each company is capped at 500 rental bikes in the city for the first year, to be evaluated at the end of the first year for raising, or lowering.
7. Part of the agreement is if the company goes under, all bike shares bikes on city property become the property of Tempe and we have the right to remove them, sell them, etc.

*And, of course, apartment complexes/private property owners can contact the company to have the geo-fence on their private property moved (or removed), based on their wishes.

Note #1: Candidly, I don’t think the issue is that there are to many bikes in Tempe right now, it’s that people are leaving the bikes in places they shouldn’t be leaving them…

Note #2: I don’t think “education” is a fast enough way to get people to put the bikes where they should go. If your mom keeps picking up your socks, you keep leaving out your socks. If the bike company keeps collecting bikes, you keep leaving them in the wrong place. The fee/fine has to go directly to the user.

Kolby Granville/Tempe City Council

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