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Social Engagement and Technology Company Launches in Phoenix

PHOENIX – After a difficult year with limited social interaction, a new technology company is on a mission to help people engage in worthwhile, quality conversations with those around them. JabberYak, an innovative, social engagement enterprise is going back to the basics. Newly launched in Phoenix, their ice breaking tools, including customized t-shirts and badges, are designed to ignite meaningful, face-to-face communication without relying on personal devices.

JabberYak’s technology, based on the “Seven Degrees of Interest” concept, enables individuals to select their top seven personal interests that give insight into who they are. The selected interests then get printed on a customized item that can be worn to an event, allowing attendees to know something about another person and connect through shared interests before the first word is even exchanged. This creates a more welcoming environment that helps people converse with others with far greater relevance and simplicity.

“Seven Degrees of Interest” is an idea developed by JabberYak as an expansion on the social theory that all people are six or fewer connections away from each other. The seventh degree is the final link that brings individuals together with the idea that people will connect on at least one out of seven interests. Fueled by this concept, JabberYak is the ultimate conversation-starter that creates a fun atmosphere, eases social interaction, builds relationships, and improves the level of engagement at an event. As a bonus, JabberYak offers an analytics dashboard to organizers prior to an event, providing valuable insight into who will be attending. This allows organizers to better plan activities that speak directly to the interests of their guests, creating a more successful event.

JabberYak was co-founded by Gail Levinthal, Shideh Doerr and Mack Baniameri after Levinthal noticed how people in her personal life and work experiences were having difficulties meeting and connecting with others, especially in large groups. She deduced that though technology had its advantages, people were losing the art of face-to-face conversation. While on a family cruise, Levinthal noted how her son’s college t-shirt had sparked conversation with several strangers onboard and recognized that people were more comfortable approaching somebody if they shared a common interest.

“Research has shown that connecting with people is good for our mental health, moods and attitude, and even our physical health,” said Levinthal. “We are thrilled to finally be able to go out and showcase JabberYak as the most unique and fun way to get people connected and talking.

For more information on JabberYak or to inquire about their services for an upcoming event, visit or email  

About JabberYak

JabberYak is an innovative, social engagement company that is going back to basics. Our ice breaking tools, including customized t-shirts and badges, are designed to ignite meaningful, face-to-face communication without relying on personal devices. What can seven words say about someone?  With JabberYak, everything. For more information, visit

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