Queen Creek Unified Students Take Part in Hour of Code

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Did you know there are 9,281 Computing jobs in Arizona and only 484 Computer Science graduates in the state? Did you know $85,165 is the average salary for a career in computer science?

During the week of December 4th thru 10th, more than 2,000 Queen Creek Unified (QCUSD) students took part in the ‘Hour of Code’ initiative. Two-thousand students equals about 90 classrooms! ‘Hour of Code’ is part of a global movement that exposes tens of millions of students to Computer Science. 

QCUSD teachers who registered their class to participate in ‘Hour of Code’ picked a coding lesson from a bank of activities organized by the district’s Director of Educational Technology & Innovation. The activities were self-guided and required no coding experience. Students could even do some of the activities off the computer.  

For example, at Gateway Polytechnic Academy (the district’s STEAM focused school) kindergarten students and their 4th grade buddies tried to “crack the code” in hopes of getting a Gingerbread Man or Woman to the Gingerbread House. The students planned out the cookie’s route, glued route pieces to a game board, and then wrote out the code to move the cookie from start to finish. This activity teaches coding and helps students understand the thought process behind Computer Science. Every student who completed ‘Hour of Code’ received a rubber bracelet and sticker saying: ‘I did the Hour of Code’.

Teaching Computer Science to students helps nurture their problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. While ‘Hour of Code’ happens once a year, the Queen Creek Unified School District hopes to grow coding efforts within the district as part of a larger science, technology, engineering and mathematics focus.


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