Poll Shows Half of AZ Residents are Dreading Laundry This Summer

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 Time, Wrinkles, Missing Socks, Lack of Space and the Dryer Heat Among Top Reasons Why


PHOENIX – Laundry can be frustrating, even for those who say they enjoy the task.  But where exactly do the frustrations with laundry stem from?  WashClub Phoenix, a new, online and on-demand laundry company, polled Valley residents in July to find out exactly what it is about laundry that Arizonans hate most. 

 “We wanted to find out where the frustrations with laundry are rooted, specifically for Arizona residents,” said Nick Rawlins, Chief Operations Officer for WashClub Phoenix.  “We also wanted to better understand the changing laundry habits resulting from how the pandemic changed our daily lives.”

 The poll, which surveyed men and women across various age groups and demographics around the Valley, came back with a definite consensus. Out of those surveyed, 71% said they’re dreading laundry day.  Why?

 Time was the top factor putting Arizona residents off doing laundry.  Here are the top 5 reasons from the survey:


.       Time – more than 70% of those surveyed agreed that time, or rather, lack of time is the primary reason why they detest doing their laundry.  

.       Wrinkles –  doing laundry leads right into the second most dreaded task: ironing.  One respondent commented: “Left my clothes in the dryer for like a minute and they were already wrinkled!  So I left them overnight. It’s the next day and I still have to deal with ironing. Thinking I might just throw them back in the wash, anyone else try that?”  

.       Missing socks –  this one ranks especially high for moms of multiple children.  “With 5 children, trying to pair socks after laundry is a task that requires a bottle of wine,” wrote one respondent.

.       Dryer Heat – it’s Arizona summer and the dryer heat makes the laundry room even hotter.  “I’m spending money on air conditioning but then I’m running the dryer which makes my laundry room hot, meaning more air conditioning – feels like I can’t win!”

.       Lack of Closet Space –  according to the results, more than 20% of those polled actually use their hamper and washer/dryer as a place to store clothes.  “My closets are full, I just can’t fit the clean stuff back in, I need to leave it in the hamper but then dirty clothes mix with it, can anyone else relate?” typed one survey respondent. 

 Getting red bleed through in the laundry also ranked high, as did accidentally shrinking favorite outfits by drying them or destroying “dry clean only” clothes in the wash.

 The pandemic also had an impact.  The top three changes in laundry habits resulting from the pandemic are:

1)      Washing “outside” clothes after every outing

2)      Less dry cleaning because of less time in the office – meaning, more laundry

3)      Everyone being at home all the time means more time at the pool. The constant washing and drying of pool towels adds to the excessive heat from dryers and washers being taken up more frequently.

 “We learned a lot from this survey,” added Rawlins. “Our value is in not just providing a laundry service. It’s in giving people a big chunk of their day back so that they can do what they love. It’s about time.”

 WashClub Phoenix is a new, online and on-demand laundry company with a smartphone app that connects families, businesses and individuals with a convenient, affordably priced laundry service. In an age where most people order dinner, groceries, and a car ride at a touch of a button, WashClub Phoenix covers laundry services with free pickup and delivery. With a robust app and website, the company’s application enables users to arrange and schedule laundry services within a 24-hour timeframe. Customers will receive notifications throughout the process.

 WashClub Phoenix is rapidly expanding across the Valley. The company, which launched on April 15, expanded into the West Valley and is continuing rapid growth. To learn more, visit WashClub Phoenix on social media here and here.  To download the app, visit www.washclubphoenix.com.

WashClub Phoenix offers the most convenient on-demand, door-to-door laundry and eco-friendly cleaning services. Founded in 2010, WashClub began services in Brooklyn, N.Y., offering affordable and eco-friendly wash and fold services for residences or places of business across all five boroughs. Committed to providing top-notch quality customer service with all items cleaned in-house and on-premises, WashClub now also services commercial laundry for colleges, salons, health clubs and private gyms across the U.S. For more information please visit  www.washclubphoenix.com.

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