Phoenix Police Searching for Missing 19-Year-Old Woman

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Phoenix Police are seeking the public’s help as they search for a missing 19-year-old who hasn’t been seen or heard from in nearly two weeks.
Family members told Phoenix Police that Kiera Bergman, a young woman who relocated from San Diego earlier this year, was last seen on Saturday August 4 at her home in the area of 51st Avenue and Thunderbird Road.
Police say Bergman never came home after leaving for work on the morning of Saturday, August 4. Her family, including her heartbroken parents, say she has not been heard from since. Her mother told officials that her daughter went to work on Saturday morning and was picked up by her boyfriend.
Her mother, Kiera Bergman, is not giving up hope.

“I don’t know if she ever made it back to her apartment or not. I haven’t really talked to anybody that saw her there, so I’m not quite sure where she was last seen and I’m not really getting information from people about that,” Bragg said in an interview with “Good Morning America” on Monday. “She does have a boyfriend. Last I heard they were together and that is who picked her up from work that morning.”

Her loved ones are very concerned about her wellbeing, especially considering that her mother felt she wasn’t her “normal, happy self,” in the days leading up to her disappearance. She moved from San Diego to Phoenix in March, and had recently begun a new job.


“I don’t know, maybe circumstance in her life when she came out here you know caused her to maybe have some anxiety or stuff about what she was going through,” Bragg added in her interview. “That’s when I noticed a lot of her moods and everything. That’s when she started changing, when she started dating this guy and coming out here, so I do believe that a lot — that has to do with that relationship.”

Bergman’s family says she isn’t the type of person who would cut off communication with family and friends with no explanation, and that she wouldn’t willingly go off the radar. Bragg and her husband traveled from California to Arizona to assist with the search efforts and cast doubt on reports that Bergman left to “hang out” with a man she’d only just met.

“To that text message that stated that she was going to hang out with a guy somewhere she met at a store, a couple days ago, that to me is not my daughter,” Bragg told “GMA” reporters. “That is not something that she would just do. And then for her to leave, and leave her purse with her wallet and ID there at the apartment, that’s not normal neither — that’s why I feel like there’s something not right here. We are going to find her, we are going to find out what happened and we’re going to bring her home.”

Bergman’s loved ones recently held a vigil of “hope” near her apartment to pray for her safe return. Sgt. Vincent Lewis of the Phoenix Police Department told several media outlets on Saturday that presently, there were “no updates to share at this time.”

For more information and updates as they become available, please visit the official page of the Phoenix Police Department HERE.

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