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Opinion: Weigh Up Your Options Before Purchasing an Inflatable Canoe

It’s always best to determine just what types of conditions and the purpose of your boating your inflatable canoe will be used for. Of course, much depends on how you’re going to use your kayak or canoe: fishing kayak might not be as fast as an inflatable canoe but it’s all about comfort while fishing. As a prospective buyer, you will benefit from becoming more knowledgeable before actually venturing out and making any purchases. An individual may choose to purchase an inflatable canoe while someone having a large family and the dog, might choose a large flat bottom inflatable raft complete with accessories such as an outboard motor and sun shade. Always remember when we are talking boating we are always assuming the life jackets, and one for the dog, is a given.

There are no good cheap boats. Really inexpensive plastic toy boats are just that. Some retail stores sell inflatables made of a cheap thin plastic material. However that being said, this may be all you are wanting to allow you to play in the shallows with the family every now and then. But if you propose using your inflatable canoe for something like fishing then most folk could be uncomfortable using one of these coming from a basic safety standpoint.

Inflatable canoes provide the user with a compact craft that is easily stored and transported. They are not nearly as graceful in the water as their hardshell counterparts. The better quality canoes do give some direction when paddling, however, the dingy type does not have a lot of directional stability. If this is an important feature for you then look for something with a hull that’s V formed. This allows for very little water resistance when paddling and provides for better maneuverability.

There are a few built on features which may also be worth considering with some inflatables. One of these is the placement of transporting handles on each side the other at the bow for easier portability. Also, you may discover molded oar clasps that will safely and securely hold onto your oars while they aren’t being used are so helpful. They can be coupled to the side on the vessel so the oars stay out of the way when you are relaxing. Then you will find there is an inflatable fishing canoe that comes with fishing pole holders and a sturdy floors that you can stand on and move about in. So whichever inflatable boat you decide upon one important consideration is always to ensure there is easy access to the lake or body of water you propose using.

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