Opinion: Tempe Councilman Granville’s Top 3

Opinion: Tempe Councilman Granville’s Top 3

Tempe Councilman Granville’s Top 3

(1) Conversations w/Kolby
Councilman Granville will host another series of “conversations”.  These informal conversations are an opportunity to talk one-on-one with Granville to discuss issues important to your neighborhood.  They will be held Tuesday, April 24th at Changing Hands Bookstore and Wednesday, April 25th at Boulders on Broadway.  Each event is from 6pm-8pm.  As usual, the Boulders event will be live-streamed on Granville’s facebook page.

(2) Pending Granville Legislation
Granville and Council continue to work on legislative projects.  Granville’s subcommittee recommendation to allow private companies to lease Tempe unused conduit space for fiber to allow for greater private internet competition, (Draft Internet) failed to advance on a 3-3 discussion.  However, Granville recently submitted an innovation fund application to Council to pilot adding internet to parks similar to the public wifi at the library and other city buildings.  If approved, the pilot location would be at Tempe Beach Park running along the south side of the lake to the performing arts center.

Granville’s subcommittee to encourage developers to keep small business owners in shops as long as possible before redevelopment advanced and is currently at the development review commission for input.  That same committee is reviewing the obligations developers have to improve vacant property while waiting for development.  (Draft PAD)  Granville started a subcommittee to encourage public art in Danelle Plaza, but found that the idea was already largely underway by Newtown, and the results are amazing!  (pic1pic2)

In response to a resident email, Granville took on a side project to create a process to prevent the excessive feeding of birds on private property.  The proposal does not effect bird feeders, or feeding birds, only doing in a way that is so excessive is causes exceptional costs to surrounding neighbors.

Finally, Granville, along with Council members Kuby and Navarro, have taken up efforts to try and limit the most abusive uses of AirBnb’s in neighborhoods (pic).  While many solutions are limited due to state law, the group is looking for a way to continue Airbnb type services while preventing people from being bad neighbors (putting a dozen bunk beds in a house, and opening an unregistered hotel.)  In short, works continues across many areas…

(3) City Project Feedback
As always, various park, traffic flow, road quality, and development planning projects are in various stages.  Many of these are looking for citizen feedback right now!  The city is currently accepting feedback on the Tempe Beach Park Master Plan, the Town Lake Upstream Bike Dam Pedestrian Bridge, the annual budget, a dozen+ park renovation plans, future arts and culture funding plans, and character area plans.  There is also an online feedback forum.  If you would like to get on the city email list for feedback on city projects, (or info on street closures, library changes, youth sports, or practically anything!) you can sign up for an email list by topic here.

Odds and Ends
Granville recently was forced to vote against Tempe’s new 100% renewable energy goal because it failed to provide any cost analysis or cost projections (passed 4-3).  (video)  He voted against the $21 million dollar tax rebate to the Omni Hotel/Conference Center (passed 6-1) at the Southeast corner of University/Mill because he felt the tax incentives were too high and not to the benefit of Tempe residents.  (Policy Paper)  He also voted against a Council “No Border Wall” resolution because he felt it was divisive, and a slippery slop that starts Tempe down the road of commenting on federal issues. (failed 3-4)  (video1video2)

Per usual, he was out and about in Tempe as well, at ASU Basketball, the Unity WalkCitizen Commission Meetings, the Neighborhood Olympicspark re-openingsneighborhood meetings, speaking at a distracted driving summit, the opening of the Valor on 8th, and at Tempe Cares, just to name a few.

Election Results
Additionally, Tempe held an election.  Vice Mayor Arredondo-Savage and Council member Kuby were reelected by large margins, and former Tempe employee Jennifer Adams secured the third spot.  All three ballot measures passed by wide margins.  They were to designate Papago Park a preserve, require disclosure of contributions sources of “dark money”, and to raise the Tempe spending limit to allow Tempe to spend the money it is taking in.  (full results)


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Kolby Granville

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