Opinion: If It Isn’t Mine, Why Care?

Opinion: If It Isn’t Mine, Why Care?

Convenience is such a big deal in today’s society. Stores and restaurants are catering to us to provide the easiest way to deliver their product.  We have drive troughs, curb pick-ups and home deliveries.  We get our groceries bagged for us at the stores, and the doors that open automatically. We walk the streets with our faces buried in cell phones and other electronic devices and rarely pay attention to our surroundings. We no longer seem to care about anyone or anything. This scares me. What becomes of us? 


As I follow the neighborhood gossip on social media and read all of the residents’ complaints about street appeal, burglaries, Christmas lights being on too long, it makes me realize that the “convenience” part has extended way too far into our lives.  Since when did we become such complainers? We want nice restaurants and stores, and clean curb appeal, but what do we do to make our neighborhood to look presentable and clean? Very little. 


 We complain about things that are irrelevant and unimportant. We judge others by the cars they drive or how many vehicles are parked in their driveway. We point fingers when neighbors’ weeds reach unacceptable 2 inches above the ground. We write letters to authorities complaining about barking dogs, neighbors smoking cigarettes in their backyard, loud mufflers or someone driving above the speed limit. But what makes us better from the other guys?


 Absolutely nothing.  The same people who demand better things for themselves are those who leave garbage in shopping carts and those shopping carts in the middle of parking lots just a few feet from cart corral. They have no care in the world about anything but what is convenient for them. They are surrounded by a bubble of ignorance.  Those are the people who open the car door and dump garbage under their cars and drive away. The same people who complain so much about our town being trashy, trash our town. 


As I sit back and watch the neighborhood drama unveil on an almost daily basis, I realize that unless we do some good and contribute, we cannot expect the same from others.


As good as it sounds, it is very erroneous.   People believe that life owes them something and they are awaiting with hands wide open; for that reward, better life, and better health. 


  The sense of entitlement is just overwhelming.  Convenience and catering for consumers have made people not wanting to do anything for themselves anymore.


Instead of gratitude, they have expectations of more. Instead of trying, they give up and await miracles. Instead of being present, they live in a fantasy bubble of virtual reality sprinkled with a hefty price of non-existing social life. Let’s look at our lives a little closer. Let’s be thoughtful. Let’s be courteous. Let’s be better! 

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