(Opinion) Enough is Enough: Vote NO on Prop 306 and Protect our Elections

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By Phoenix Councilwoman and Candidate for Mayor Kate Gallego and

Lauren Kuby, Vice Mayor of Tempe


The corrupting influence of dark money plagues Arizona — it’s hurting our economy, our environment, and our residents.


As Americans, we have the right to know who is bankrolling our local politicians. Arizona, this vote is your opportunity to say enough is enough. Vote No on Prop. 306.


In 1998, in an effort to stamp out this kind of political corruption, we the voters passed the Clean Elections Act and created the Citizen’s Clean Elections Commission (CCEC) to be our nonpartisan watchdog.


For 20 years, the nonpartisan CCEC has shone a constant light on the unaccountable and untraceable campaign money flowing into Arizona. The Commission performs a unique and important duty to enforce campaign finance laws, independent of whichever political party is in power.

However, Clean Elections and the CCEC has been under attack by dark-money groups ever since. Prop. 306 is only their latest assault.


Prop. 306 has one goal in mind: to undermine the public’s right to know which shadowy groups are spending money attacking candidates or ballot initiatives.


The voters created Clean Elections to be independent and nonpartisan, so we can assure open and honest elections without anyone pulling the strings. Prop. 306 would give a board of lobbyists and political insiders the power to overrule the Clean Elections Commission.


As city leaders, we value the watchdog role Clean Elections plays in state elections, and we champion campaign finance reform in our respective cities to give voters the right to know who is trying to influence our local elections.


Arizona voters not only want, but have a right, to know who is spending in their local elections. This past spring, 91% of Tempe’s voters said “NO” to secret spending and “YES” to disclosure, and right now voters in Phoenix have an opportunity to do the same, with Prop. 419, their own city initiative.


Don’t be misled. Prop 306 is a further attack on the transparency and disclosure that the public overwhelmingly demands.

Please vote NO on Prop 306 for a more transparent tomorrow. 


Learn more about this dangerous ballot proposition from the nonpartisan Arizona Advocacy Network.


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